Vitamin D: Why we all need it and how to get it


Vitamin D: Why we all need it and how to get it
Why vitamin D is so important and how to get more of it.

Vitamin D deficiency has reached pandemic status with almost 1 billion people suffering from inadequate levels. Whilst sunscreen and proper sun protection has, thankfully, reduced the risk of developing skin cancer and warned the global population of the dangers of sun exposure, we are also missing out on the powers of the sun to deliver adequate vitamin D levels to our bodies.

Vitamin D plays a crucial role in providing the body with the means to absorb calcium, maintain bone density, ameliorate musculoskeletal pain and reduce your risk of injury. Similarly, a lack of vitamin D can manifest itself in other symptoms such as frequent colds, flu, respiratory symptoms, lethargy, tiredness and inadequate bone growth in young children.

Long-term, inadequate vitamin D levels have been known to lead to various autoimmune diseases, cancers, cardiovascular problems, immunity issues and hypertension.

Whilst the recommended daily intake of vitamin D is 400 IU for infants, 600 IU for children and adults and 900 IU for elderly and pregnant women, less than half of us are getting even close to our daily recommended dose.

Unfortunately, very few foods naturally contain the vitamin and as such, it can be quite hard to incorporate adequate amounts into your diet. Sources like wild salmon, sardines or tuna, as well as liver and cod liver oil, all contain levels of vitamin D but need to be consumed on a regular basis to feel any real effect.

For vegetarians and vegans it’s a little bit different and far more difficult to ensure you are reaching your daily recommended dose.

That’s where supplements come in handy. Taking vitamin D3 will enable you to reach adequate dosage, especially when partnered with A, K2 and magnesium – which all assist the absorption and process within the body.



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