Video of dexterous fox making a sandwich goes viral.

By Kate Hassett

Video of dexterous fox making a sandwich goes viral.
Yes, this is really a fox making himself a tasty sandwich.

Three decades after the reactor meltdown in Chernobyl, which led to the contamination and subsequent evacuation of the town and its surroundings, the city has become a haven for wildlife, thriving without human occupation.

The ghost town has now been reinvented by the surrounding forests, with the animal population returning after years of being pushed out by a lack of resources and population crowding.

Despite the radiation levels being thousands of times higher than normal, the animal population of elk, moose, deer, wolves and lynx, have returned and now populate the previously empty town.

Visitors are able to obtain day passes to visit Pripyat, and it is in this town that some visitors were treated to a little surprise.

Upon offering some food for a hungry looking animal, the tourists found that this furry friend, was smarter than your average fox.

Collating the ingredients, Mr. Fox created a sumptuous feast by stacking the bacon and bread into a sandwich configuration, shocking onlookers.

Watch the video below of this clever individual and see what happens when animals are left to flourish in their natural environments.



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