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Update your makeup for the new season with a ‘five-minute face’


Glowy makeup
In the mood for an update but not an overhaul? Try some small makeup changes that have a big impact.

Few of us have a lot of time to spend perfecting an intensive makeup routine. Thankfully the current approach embraces products that are quick, easy to apply and kind to our complexion.

jane iredale makeup artist Sha O’Sullivan offers some application tips and tricks using the brand’s gentle natural mineral makeup that allows skin to breathe.

What are some quick moves that will help us stay in step with the latest makeup trends?

Well-conditioned, naturally glowing skin is always in fashion and to achieve this I always recommend using a primer before applying foundation as it sets the stage for a beautiful finish. jane iredale’s Smooth Affair Illuminating Glow Face Primer with hyaluronic acid is great for evening out skin tone, reducing redness and plumping the skin’s surface prior to makeup application. It has a beautiful soft gold, pearl sheen to illuminate the skin from within. Apply with a foundation brush and get glowing!

Another tip this season would be to experiment with using a much brighter shade of blush to really lift your makeup look and give it a boost. Bold blush is back and with a vengeance! Or, try a bronzer, which adds warmth and depth to the skin and gives it a sun-kissed glow and radiant, healthy look, no matter the season. jane iredale has new options available in both matte or shimmer.

Lastly, I would say apply your powder products sparingly or only to areas of the face that require either extra coverage or a slightly more refined finish i.e. the T-zone. Blanket powder coverage is definitely out!

Are there any seasonal changes that are useful?

As we move into the cooler months, keeping the skin hydrated is of the utmost importance due to weather changes and spending extended periods of time in heated, air- conditioned environments. When it comes to makeup choices, using a more nourishing foundation is an ideal option to give your skin extra nourishment and support.

Another product that can boost skin glow and hydration and is often an overlooked step in creating and maintaining flawless makeup, is using a makeup setting spray. Not only do they hold your makeup in place for longer wear, but you can give your skin a refreshing burst throughout the day.

L-R: Jane iredale Hydro Pure Tinted Serum;  jane iredale Glow Time Blush Stick in Balmy; jane iredale Bronzer in Copper Dusk; jane iredale Enlighten Plus Under-eye Concealer; jane iredale Smooth Affair Illuminating Glow Face Primer; Jane iredale Lip Pencil in Rose.

Concealer can be tricky to get right. Any tips?

Always apply it with an appropriate brush to blend out the fuller coverage of the product and work it into areas needing camouflage. A different brush would be used on areas such as breakout areas or spots which require a more opaque coverage, like a small flat tip brush. Around the eyes may require a slightly sheerer coverage.

For spot cover I recommend applying jane iredale’s Smooth Affair Mattifying Face Primer to the areas required beforehand to smooth out texture. Once dried, apply concealer over the top.

What lip colours are you loving now?

For daily use I use a lot of neutral tones such as soft caramels and mid tone rosy shades. However moving into the cooler months, the slightly deeper raspberry, rust and burgundy tones will come out again.

How do we best go about filling in brows?

Use a brow pencil in a shade that isn’t too dark to fill any gaps or thinning areas and finish with a brow gel to set brow hairs in place and provide a fine veil of extra colour – this helps to achieve perfectly filled, natural looking brows every time.
The brows are definitely not an area to be skipped as the brows really do frame the face and offer a more youthful look.

Achieving a ‘Five-Minute-Face’ is a key part of the jane iredale ethos of ease. What steps are great for this approach?

1. Prep: Apply primer to the whole face, using a foundation brush.

2. Perfect: Apply foundation of choice.

3. Set: Apply hydration/setting spray to set makeup.

4. Colour: Apply brow product, mascara, bronzer stick and blush stick. Blush sticks are also multi- tasking and can be used for eyes, cheeks and lips.

5. Complete: Apply lip pencil and lip products.

What is one underrated product that you love?

Lately I have been reintroducing my clients to lip pencil. This step often gets left out and really is something that transforms the wear of all lip products. Lip pencils provide a more even lip shape and creates definition for any lip product that is added afterwards. I recommend using a neutral tone up to two shades deeper than the lip’s own natural colour and colouring the whole lip in lightly first for best results.


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