Try this novel approach to spring cleaning your wardrobe


Try this novel approach to spring cleaning your wardrobe

It’s time to grab a cardboard box and start filling it because this Saturday, October 6 is the Big Spring Clean, right across Australia. And, for those of your struggling to get rid of your once-worn dresses, we have a few novel approaches to spring cleaning your wardrobe.

Do you have clothes in your cupboard that you’ll likely never fit into again? Or perhaps a pair of shoes that are quite gorgeous but actually go with nothing you own? Or maybe a hat or scarf that never really suited you but you kept because they were a gift from your mother-in-law/best friend/sister/old boyfriend?

Most of us wear only one third of what’s in our wardrobe and on average, we buy more clothes each year than we get rid of. So that means we all have items in our wardrobes that could be passed on to someone with less.

TV personality and author Gretel Killeen has a keen eye for a bargain and has been ‘op shopping’ for decades – long before it became fashionable. This Saturday she’ll be encouraging people to clear out their wardrobes and hit their local op shops for a rummage.

“Go through everything at home, go through all the clothing that you no longer want, doesn’t fit, you don’t like it any more – good quality – take it down to your local op shop,” she encouraged.

TV’s War on Waste presenter and comedian Craig Reucassel backed her up: “If you’ve put on weight or lost weight or grown a third arm, and you have high quality unwanted clothing, you should take it to one of the 1100 charity op shops involved – for example, the Salvos, the Red Cross or Vinnies – get involved in the Big Spring Clean.”

Many op shops not only sell clothes and shoes but bags, jewellery, books, kitchenware and toys – so take advantage of this great opportunity to help out a local charity and those in need, while picking up some retro bargains for yourself or your home at the same time.

The first national Big Spring Clean clothing drive celebrates National Op Shop Week and is supported by DoSomething, Vinnies, Red Cross Shops & the Salvos.

To find your local charity op shop, just type in your postcode at



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