Trouble sleeping in a new location?


Trouble sleeping in a new location?

Trouble sleeping in a new location might be thanks to a hyper-vigilant brain, researchers say.

According to a study published in the latest edition of Current Biology, our brain may remain alert when we sleep in a new location – on the first night at least.

The group of scientists studied people in a sleep lab and played quiet and infrequent beeps by each ear of the sleepers.

The researchers found on that first night of the experiment the beeping on the left side of the brain registered a strong reaction compared with the right side. The left side of the brain is related to thinking needed for vigilance.

On the second night both sides of the brain registered the same amount of reaction and the beeps woke fewer people up.

It suggests that humans may be able to switch off the vigilant left side of their brain when they become used to their surroundings.


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