Tried & Tested: Facial serums


Hosanna Intensive 
Hydrating Serum, RRP $47

A little amount of this serum goes a long way, and after using my skin felt softer and well moisturised. The Vinanza Gold grape seed extract in the serum is high in antioxidants and works to increase elasticity and firmness of the skin, something I noticed after two weeks of using this product twice a day.


Lavender Renewal & Vitality
Facial Serum, RRP $30

This unscented and non-sticky serum was absorbed into my skin instantly and left it feeling smooth and plump (most likely because of its hyaluronic acid content). The calming properties of organic lavender, arnica and licorice root quelled any redness and left my skin rejuvenated, bright and even in tone. Full of antioxidants and omega fatty acids, it gave me a healthy, radiant complexion.


Facial Serum, RRP $59

At first the roller-ball action of this lightweight serum felt slightly strange to apply, however, its massaging effect on my face and neck soon became addictive. Rich in bioactive vitamins and essential oils, this facial serum gives you a potent shot of antioxidants and the botanical blend gives a pleasant smell that provides the perfect start or end to the day.


Grape Seed Softening 
Serum, RRP $85

Particularly good for tired, dull and dry skin, this strongly scented serum makes use of 
the high fibre, vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content of 
grape seed oil. Fortified with mineral 
water from a lake in Hungary, this all-natural organic facial serum will 
leave your skin feeling soft, smooth 
and totally revitalised.


Regenerating Serum, RRP $145

Specially formulated for mature skin, it’s no wonder why my skin was left feeling firm and tight after applying this serum. While the oil-free gel is slightly tacky on contact, it was soon absorbed into my skin providing abundant moisture. Great for sensitive skin, this serum soothes any redness or irritation.


Green Science Lifting 
Serum, RRP $130

This lotion-like serum has an unusual, yet delightful scent, which instantly awakens the senses, making it ideal for daytime use. Free of stickiness, it was instantly absorbed into my skin and gave it a more lifted and toned appearance. The blend of natural ingredients in the serum helps promote cell turnover as well as strengthening the skin’s barrier function.           

Five minutes with: Aerin Lauder

What are your must-have beauty items?

My look is very natural and feminine so my beauty must-haves are simple. I cannot live without Time Zone Moisturizer, Bronze Goddess Bronzer and Pure Color Lip Gloss in Quartz.  These three things are always on my vanity and go with me everywhere, even when I travel.

What are your favourite accessories?

My favorite accessories are timeless and classic: my gold Tiffany wedding band and my Hermes handbag. There is something simple about the band that reminds me of my husband and the bag is one of my staples – it holds everything! I also just bought two pairs of great strappy sandals from Fendi and Proenza Schouler that I can’t wait to wear this spring.

Who are your favourite jewellers?

I love David Webb and unique vintage pieces.

Who are your favourite artists?

Over the years, I have grown to love several artists such as Picasso, Brice Marden, Jasper Johns, Fontana and Elsworth Kelly. I love modern art in my home.

What is your fail-proof outfit?

My fail-proof outfit is well-tailored black pants, a pretty blouse and a simple shoe. And I love black or tortoiseshell sunglasses to pull it all together.

What is your favourite way to spend the weekend?

My favourite way to spend the weekend is with my family at our home on Long Island.  There is something completely relaxing about getting out of the city for the weekend and spending uninterrupted time with my husband and children.

What are your favourite items in your office?

My office is very clean and white, which is the perfect environment for reviewing our ad images. I have a photo of Estée by Victor Skrebneski on the wall behind my desk, which is antique 1930s French. On my desk, I have white pencils, fresh flowers and decorative objects like coral and art books for inspiration.

What are your favourite items in your home?

At home, I like a comfortable, cozy feel. I like to surround myself with modern art, my two dogs, crystal glasses from the Neue Gallerie and my children’s artwork, which is everywhere.