TRENZSEATER’s Ben Lewis talks design approach and international acclaim


TRENZSEATER’s Ben Lewis talks design approach and international acclaim

Frequently recognised in prestigious international design awards, TRENZSEATER is truly a leader in luxury furniture and interior design.

We spoke to general manager Ben Lewis about his approach to design and what makes TRENZSEATER special.

What does it mean to you and for your business to be repeatedly recognised internationally for your work?

It is an honour to be consistently recognised on an international platform for interior design.

Interior design has always been my passion, so to have established recognition globally, it is very rewarding.

As you can probably appreciate having such international exposure does place TRENZSEATER at the forefront and luckily we are able to service those clients in all our beautifully appointed showrooms in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown.

What is it about TRENZSEATER products and design that give the brand such an international appeal?

I think we have a very distinctive style, it is classic and it is carefully curated with many detailed, intriguing layers that are sophisticated, opulent and elegant.

I always say that great design is in the details and it is those details we work scrupulously on to get it right. I also think that our designs always have a very good sense of scale and are well proportioned, which can be instantly recognised.

Internationally, I think the brand has developed its reputation to be different to anything else out there, forged its niche in a very particular manner and a lot of clients appreciate that and are attracted to it. It’s unique.

What are the first things you consider when approaching the design of a new space?

I think it is important to establish how and what the space is going to be used for, identify how the clients would feel best in the space and what style is best going to work.

I think it’s always important to ensure that the scale and proportions of the design are relative without compromise and that you always make the space interesting.



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