Treat Yourself With Bobbi Brown

You have two weeks left to get your hands on exciting treats from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

Throughout February, Bobbi Brown New Zealand’s Facebook page has an interactive calendar, which can be unlocked daily to reveal special gifts, tips and video tutorials.

The calendar is celebrating a new menu of in-store Makeup Lessons that have been launched, offering 5-to-45-minute step-by-step sessions with Bobbi Brown’s super-expert make-up artists.

All gifts can be redeemed at a Bobbi Brown counter or store when the user books for a Makeup Lesson.

Happy clicking!

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Bobbi Brown Make-Up Lessons

Bobbi Brown has recently re-launched its make-up lessons – perfect timing for the pre-Christmas and New Year party season.

I was lucky to be invited to attend a one-on-one lesson with Marc Reagan, Bobbi Brown’s Manager of Artistry (and one of Bobbi’s right-hand-men). Hailing from San Fancisco, Reagan has that great friendly and relaxed Californian nature, and this – combined with his amazing skills, made for a really enjoyable session.

Reagan decided to give me Bobbi’s Ultimate Makeup Lesson, which lasts for 45 minutes. This is the essential how-to, which covers skin care and the make-up basics you need to get you from day to night in 10 easy steps. My make-up routine usually involves 3 steps, 4 at best, so I was all ears… and eyes, lips, cheeks…

After over a decade in the business, and having had countless lessons from many of the top names in the industry, it never ceases to amaze me how much there is still to learn, and how professionals like Reagan always have great, never-heard-before tips. Here are my top take-outs from my session with Marc Reagan.

– I have very high colour naturally, but rather than use a concealer to take this down everywhere, Reagan instead applied Bobbi Brown Light Bronzer to the parts of my face that weren’t flushed, to match the whole face. He then applied Bobbi Brown Concealer in Cool Sand to brighten any dark areas, followed by Bobbi Brown Light Tinted Moisturizer. This was a revelation and something I was pretty unsure of – but it really worked.

– When applying blush, Reagan gets you to smile, then applies the product right up to where the cheek orbits the under eye area. He then uses a clean finger to blend it down onto the apple of the cheek, along the cheekbone and out to the hairline. This created a really natural warmth without it looking doll-like or overly red. On me he used Bobbi Brown Fresh Melon Pot Rouge.

– Your under-eye area should never be brighter than the brow bone, which should be the brightest point on the face.

– One of the best ways to make eyelashes stand out is to add a light backing on the lids – this makes you look instantly awake. Reagan used Bobbi Brown Bone Cream Shadow across the whole lid.


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