Travelling for a purpose


European woman tourist enjoys being with elepants on National Elephant Day in Thailand where they are treated to a huge feast. (European woman tourist enjoys being with elepants on National Elephant Day in Thailand where they are treated to a huge fea
European woman tourist enjoys being with elepants on National Elephant Day in Thailand where they are treated to a huge feast. (European woman tourist enjoys being with elepants on National Elephant Day in Thailand where they are treated to a huge fea
In 2019, travellers are going beyond the usual cocktail in hand beachside holidays as they look to add more purpose to their trips as means of personal fulfilment. They are travelling for a purpose.

From volunteering to animal conservation and even interning abroad, travelling for a purpose has many advantages. Research suggests that over half (56%) of global travellers agree travelling has taught them invaluable life skills, and 2019 has seen a rise in people’s desire to learn something new whilst away, as well as an increase in volunteering and skills-based vacations across generations. When looking at the most popular kinds of trips with purpose, 68% of global travellers would consider participating in cultural exchanges to learn a new skill, followed by a volunteering trip (54%) and international work placements (52%).

4 destinations to consider when travelling for a purpose

With the help of The Global Work and Travel Co. we have selected four ways for you to see the world in a meaningful way.

Elephant Conservation and Helping Local Farmer’s in Africa

Can’t decide between helping animals or local communities? Then this one is for you!

From desert lands and dunes on one side to a beach haven on the other, you might be one day surfing and dune surfing the next. As part of the Africa volunteer work you’ll be heading to Swakopmund and Damaraland, the Capitals of Namibia, a vast un-farmable land, which has led to the increased population of desert adapted elephants. Helping out local farmers, building sustainable wells and assisting in monitoring elephants couldn’t be more rewarding, all while camping and making memories and friends with the locals and other travellers alike. 

Au Pair in Europe

For all those kid’s at heart who love to travel and working with children, this is a dream come true. Let’s be honest, wherever you go in Europe, you are guaranteed rich history, culture, great food and stunning views. Being an Au pair in Europe is a great way to truly live like a local, as well as travelling to a neighbouring country with ease. Why not travel and learn a language at the same time? French, German, Italian, or Spanish? You get to choose, and you get to become an important part of your Au Pair’s family and their children’s lives. Imagine yourself taking a bike ride through Italy, Gelato in hand while exploring historical buildings, or the crystal clear coastline? Exploring famous Museums in Germany? Croissants under the Eiffel tower? Whether this is part of your outing with the children in your care or one of your days off, this is a guaranteed experience of a lifetime.

Teaching in Cambodia

With pristine tropical coastlines to ancient “tomb raider” temples and lush countryside, Cambodia is bursting with colour, life, history and adventure and some of the tastiest food you will ever eat. A great way to get your TESOL (Teaching English as a second language) certificate and help out local schools and meet and teach smiling children. Teaching is a rewarding experience, where you will impact the minds and lives of the next generation for the better.

Intern in Canada

What better a way to learn new skills, meet new people and experience a new culture than an internship? In 2019, Generation Z are increasingly scrutinising the value of expensive college degrees over and against the life skills and practical learning that can be gained from travel, especially as experiences beyond the classroom and office cubicle continue to make for attractive potential employees in many companies’ eyes. With an overseas internship experience, you’ll be launched into a dynamic city with many different options for each intern: finance, public relations, advertising, marketing, fashion, IT, graphic design, and arts, just to name a few. An internship in Canada could be the kick-start you need. Relax and unwind on the weekends on the slopes, drink a hot chocolate after a hike, or kayak on the beautiful bright blue lakes with stunning mountain backdrops or visit the world famous Niagara Falls. Why not combine the things you love with a learning experience and potential career boosting internship?



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