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Spring clean your beauty routine


Spring clean your beauty routine

As the seasons change so should our beauty regimen. The shift from cold to warm weather means the products and procedures we rely on during winter are no longer the best option for our hair and skin. Get the most out of your hair and skin by adjusting your beauty rituals with the following tips.

Burning Up

The most important change you should implement is the daily application of sun protection. Sunburn is the biggest damager to skin, advancing the ageing process and often result in a tough, leathery appearance. Applying sunscreen every morning – and reapplying if necessary – should become an essential part of your beauty regime. As well as wearing a high SPF sunscreen in top of  your usual coverage, you can swap foundation for a tinted sunscreen or BB cream. These products have the added benefit of providing a more natural look for spring and summer. Remember also to wear an SPF lip balm to prevent chapped, cracked lips.


Changing the game

Switching your moisturisers and serums as the season changes is also important. In winter our skin is subject to dryness and flakiness, while in spring the complexion brightens with the release of natural oils. The heavy moisturiser you use during winter won’t be as effective in the warmer months, so swap it for a light moisturiser which tones and smooths the skin. Complement it with an energising serum and you’ll have bright, healthy skin in no time!


Hair Love

Just like our skin, our hair also needs attention coming into spring. It’s a good idea to have a general tidy-up at your hair salon and remove any split ends to start the season afresh. Winter tends to dry the hair out, so a hydrating treatment is the best way to enliven your hair and get it looking and feeling healthy. Additionally, pay attention to the everyday condition of your hair more during spring. The added humidity in the air causes sweat, so washing your hair more often than usual may be necessary. Avoid washing it nightly, however, as this strips away natural oils.

Vitamin Boost

Your beauty regime should cover everything from the inside-out. Increase your intake of certain vitamins as we move into September to nourish the hair and skin and aid body function and wellness. Upping your dosage of vitamins C, D, B6 and E will help the body grow and repair tissue, improve skin texture and brain function, boost hair and eye health and increase energy levels.



Skin scrub

It’s easy to forget exfoliating during spring and summer – but don’t let yourself slack off. Your skin still needs to be exfoliated, just not as often. Exfoliating as we enter spring is especially important as it allows you to shave off all that dry winter skin. After this initial treatment, cut back to one or two times a week for healthy, smooth skin.


Hydration Burst

Many common issues with the body and skin are a result of dehydration. These include stress, tiredness, a lack of energy and slack, dry, dull or lined skin. To get that radiant spring glow, your skin and body needs to be hydrated. Drinking large amounts of water every day flushes out nasty toxins and is the best way to hydrate the skin and body.  2 litres is the recommended daily intake of water, but for best results consult your doctor.





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