Trafalgar’s top travel tips

Trafalgar’s top travel tips
Trafalgar’s European Travel Directors are renowned as best in breed. They give their guests a deeper experience, sharing insider knowledge to make every journey memorable. Here are their insights.

What’s your favourite Authentic Accommodation in Scotland?

A little property in the heart of the Highlands, the Laggan Hotel has amazing views – you can watch the migrating haggis in complete peace and quiet. – Peter

What’s one not-to-be-missed attraction in Europe?

I always recommend guests visit local food markets in the countries we visit to taste, smell and enjoy authentic flavours and get in touch with the residents. – Amanda

Your personal favourite destinations in Europe?

I love to visit Berlin for the history, Munich for the culture and Innsbruck or St Moritz for the scenery. – Emmerson

What do you tell every guest to do
in Italy?

Italy is all about incredible art and history, culture and traditions. If you can explore the past, while mingling with the people and keeping an open mind to the present, you take home much more than a holiday snapshot. – Sarah

Why did you become a Travel Director?

My dream has always been to discover the world. Over the years I have visited many countries and met many people; I fell in love with my job because it allowed me to share this passion with other travellers who are open and interested in exploring the globe. – Franco

What do you recommend in Germany?

I lived in Berlin before the Wall came down. I recommend people visit the TV Tower and Bernauer Strasse to get a perspective of life at that time. I enjoy showing guests Poland – it’s a joy to watch people experience the history and food. – Justine

Why do you love travelling?

I like discovering new destinations, especially hidden gems. When working, I love to see the enthusiasm in the guests’ eyes when I’m sharing my passion and knowledge. – Masha

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