Touching the Soul of Fine Wines

There’s one reason why mouth-blown crystal glasses are synonymous with true connoisseurship for many wine lovers. The sophisticated glasses in Schott’s collections are the perfect expression of these high standards and the passion for the finest things. The individual glasses will highlight even the most delicate wine colour and unveil texture, aroma and flavour. These Schott glasses are the perfect showcase for the world’s best wines.

The beauty of these wineglasses is in the simplicity. The Schott concept adheres to a special philosophy: the taste of wine, and not the distinction between red and white dictates a choice of a glass design. For powerful wines, whether red or white, a wide sweeping shape with plenty of room for aromas to unfold. Or for delicate, light wines, a glass with a narrow shaft for enhancing even the most distinguished nuances. White wine, red wine, rose: purely the function of the glass is decisive.

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The Homeware Trend You Need To Try This Summer

Stylish, rustic and perfect for the summer season, wicker is a must-try homeware trend this year. Whether you’re decorating a light-filled bach or a contemporary urban apartment, wicker adds a touch of charm and glamour to any space.

Furniture experts Maytime have a gorgeous collection of wicker items, from stools and tableware to chairs and lampshades. View our favourites in the gallery below.