Toss the Shake and Flip an Egg


Cracked egg on pastel background.
Cracked egg on pastel background.
It’s time to stop spending money on expensive protein shakes and fad foods that are likely to go out of fashion as fast as they came in. The answer to a sustainable protein intake is right in front of your eyes.

We all get a little obsessed with the new health thing. Whether it’s the tastiest protein powder or the zero sugar sweet treat, if it’s marketed as being good for our bodies, we want in.

But sometimes the best thing in life don’t cost the earth. $10 bliss balls and protein shakes that cost more than a gym membership are clearly excluded from this conversation; there’s a better way to get your daily dose of protein. It’s inexpensive, tasty, very nutritious, and otherwise known as an egg.

Dietitian Sharon Natoli is all about the egg, encouraging fitness fanatics to ditch “protein products” and simply increase the number of eggs they eat for sustained protein intake.

As a high source of protein and low-cost ingredient, eggs are versatile for all types of meals to deliver results. Sharon says, “Before you spend money on expensive supplements and fad diet foods’, be sure to include eggs in your weekly meal prep or nutrition plan, they’re nature’s protein ball”. Some protein bars and snacks might set you back up to $5 a pop, and unlike eggs, they often come with lengthy ingredient lists loaded with artificial flavours and sweeteners.

It seems eggs are the perfect protein source for hard-working muscles and bones and are easily paired with a high-quality carb source like wholegrain toast, brown rice or sweet potato, to create an easy post-workout meal. That’s not all; while the high-quality protein from eggs is important for muscle repair and growth, the carbohydrate helps to restore our glycogen (fuel) stores that are used up during training.

So toss the shake and flip an egg instead. Your wallet and your body will thank you for it.

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Also, did you know that new evidence suggests that consuming one egg daily could be more than just healthy, it could be lifesaving? Read more here.


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