Skincare Steps for Bare-faced Beauty

A bare-faced complexion is set to rule the beauty school this season. Here’s everything you need to know to confidently wear your skin as nude as you want.

The Perfect Canvas

Forget bottle loads of foundation and heavy-duty concealer, when it comes to making skin glow, it’s all about the canvas says Smitee Ranchhod, appearance medicine nurse at Skin Institute Wellington. “If we can improve the texture, the tone, and the clarity of our skin, when you do put a little bit of foundation on you don’t need to use as much,” she says. Ranchhod says the trend in skincare and beauty has really evolved: today’s look is much less about reaching for make-up as a quick fix and cover up. “I have women coming in all the time telling me I don’t really want to wear much foundation.” And according to Ranchhod going nude in a beauty sense isn’t as scary or difficult as one might think. “For most people there are just a few little things you need to do. Often it’s about applying the right products, tweaking your skincare regimen and possibly adding a treatment to the mix,” she explains. To see the best results build active ingredients in higher concentrations into your beauty regiment. “It’s a really good cleanser that’s suitable for your skin type, adding a vitamin C, using a retinol product to help increase skin cell turnover and a sunblock is very important.”

All in the Eyes

Genes, stress, sun damage, diet and other lifestyle factors can all contribute to pesky dark circles under the eyes. And while concealers and correctors are often are first port of call when dark circles begin to appear, if you’re planning on going nude this summer you’ll need to adopt a skincare-first approach. Not only is the under-eye area extremely delicate, it’s prone to stress and the circulation in the area is often poor. “A face cream is far too rich and heavy for the eye area,” explains Ranchhod. “You don’t want to over do it, you need something that will keep the area hydrated. And you have to be realistic, no eye cream will be magic, but it will help.” For those who seriously want to tackle dark circles there are appearance medicine options. Ranchhod often uses Dermapen on clients to help stimulate the cell renewal and skin repair process. “There’s also platelet-rich-plasma treatment. We separate the plasma-rich-plasma from your blood and infuse the skin with the Dermapen treatment to improve the skin tone and the texture of it.” Teamed with serious at homecare – a potent, youth-restoring and hydrating eye cream – discolouration and fine lines can become a concern of the past.

Seeing the Light

Banishing pigmentation is a hard task but is a something you’ll want to address to get minimal-make-up-needed skin. A heavy-hitting skincare routine is vital: and one of Ranchhod’s favourites, SkinMedica Lytera, contains a powerful cocktail of effective, pigmentation-fighting ingredients. “It helps lighten and brighten the skin, and it’s a good one-step product for people to use. It has vitamin b3 in it and retinol, and it helps to smooth dry, thick and rough skin by enhancing exfoliation. It’s also got hexylresorcinol and tetratpeptide which helps brighten the skin.” Working alpha-hydroxy acids – which are found in certain fruits – into your routine can play a hand in improving skin clarity and tone. “They’re great for skin brightening and help exfoliate the skin,” says Ranchhod. Sometimes a little extra help is needed to target difficult-to-treat pigmentation and intense-pulsed-light or IPL can help. “It will help lighten some of the pigmentation and also help brighten the skin as well, because it rejuvenates the skin,” explains Ranchhod. Taking serious care of your skin after a series of IPL treatments is essential to ensure results last. “It’s all about how you look after the skin. Use a sunscreen and keep using your active ingredients like vitamin C.”

Pore Size

Layering on the foundation won’t help when it comes to pore size as congestion tends to clog up larger pores making the more visible in the long run. Large pore size can come down to genetics, so keeping skin clean is often the first step in making pores appear less visible. IPL can also help shrink pores says Ranchhod. “It’s really noticeable when you have a series of treatments. If you can improve the skin texture the pores actually start changing.”

Sun Smart

No beauty routine is complete without sunblock. Pigmentation, lines and discolouration are all things you want to avoid when forgoing foundation and sunblock will be your best defense against the signs of ageing. “It’s New Zealand,” says Ranchhod, “You need a good sunscreen and you need to apply it frequently if you’re going to be outdoors, especially with our rates of melanoma.” It’s often a wise idea to invest in separate sunscreen for your face and your body. Despite some of us avoiding applying sunscreen underneath make-up because it’s too oily, Ranchhod says that’s just a misconception. “There is sun care out there that is not oily, you just have to find that right combination for your skin.”

Add a little

When you do decide to reach for a foundation for a little coverage it’s important to pick a formulation that will work with your skin type. For those that are plagued with congested skin all year round, Ranchhod suggests trying a mineral make-up. “Mineral makeups can help your skin breathe. You can get powders and mineral makeup that offer very light coverage.”

Photography by Florian Sommet.

Three Skincare Innovations You Need on Your Radar

MiNDFOOD Style caught up with David Whyte, global educator for Murad Asia Pacific to find out what the future holds for skincare.

Pollution Fighters

One of biggest shifts we’ll see in skincare in the coming years is innovation that protects our skin from detrimental effects of urban living – pollution, too much screen time. Damage done to our skin doesn’t stop when we get shuteye, explains Murad Asia Pacific global educator, David Whyte. “At night time we need to detoxify the skin and neutralise the damage done,” he says. Murad City Skin Overnight Detox ($139) includes super-potent antioxidants Marrubium Plant Stem Cells and a vitamin C concentrate so you wake up with stronger, radiant, healthier skin.

Beauty From The Inside 

More beauty consumers are switching on to the fact that there’s much more to healthy, resilient skin than just a cabinet stocked with ground-breaking skincare innovations. “Efficacious skincare is only addressing a small part of skin health,” agrees Whyte. Murad practices a four-point “connected” approach to beauty. “Nourish your skin; eat your water; awaken your body – do exercise that gives you pleasure, if doing boot camp makes you miserable, don’t do it, it’s not sustainable; be kind to your mind – bring down those stress levels,” explains Whyte.

Healthy Skin For All Ages

Gone are the days of choosing a skincare routine based solely on your age believes Whyte. “We don’t talk about anti-ageing. We talk about youth-building,” he says. “It’s about tricking the skin into acting as if was younger,” Whyte explains.  A regimen that includes efficacious ingredients – Whyte touts vitamin A, C and peptides as the best in the business –is key to healthy skin. “It’s a really different approach to skincare. Teach the skin cells to act younger and then the result of that is youthful skin.”

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