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Top five workplace mental health tips

Top five workplace mental health tips

Most of us will at some point, struggle with the pressure and stresses of work life, here are some tips to keep your work environment safe.

Top five workplace mental health tips

1 Take a break.

More than 1 in 5 Australia workers usually do not take a lunch break. Taking a break increases general productivity and decision-making ability, and helps to sustain concentration and energy levels to process information better.

2 Learn to recognise and pre-empt stress triggers.

Speak to your manager about how best to manage projects, tasks, peak-times or life events that may cause additional workplace stress before the situation gets out of hand.  You may be able to arrange flexible work hours, extended deadlines or secure additional resources to help you manage difficult periods. 

3 Set a knock off time and stick to it.

More than 2.2 million Australians go to work each day with very little idea what time they will knock off that night. While staying late at work is sometimes necessary, try not to make a habit of it.

4 Do not ‘pollute’ your down time with work.

If you must, encourage colleagues to call or text you only if it is urgent, otherwise, do not check emails or complete other non-urgent tasks at home. Blurred boundaries between work and home are associated with a range of adverse effects including increased stress levels, burnout and poor physical health, and damaged relationships with family and partners.

5 Keep an eye out for your workmates.

If you are worried or concerned about a colleague it is best not to ignore the situation, even if you feel it is not your place to say anything. Striking up a conversation with that person could make all the difference to their wellbeing.


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