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Top 5 ways to avoid alcohol temptations over the holiday season

Top 5 ways to avoid alcohol temptations over the holiday season

Experts have warned that the holiday season can frequently trip up problem drinkers, prompting us to compile this tips list for saying no this silly season.

Top 5 ways to avoid alcohol temptations over the holiday season

Quitting drinking can be hard for many, especially around this time of the year where friends and family start kicking back and popping the corks. To help overcome this problem we have compiled a list of our top 5 tips to avoiding alcohol and keeping dry throughout the silly season.

1. Prepare to experience withdrawal


Anyone familiar with withdrawal knows it is not fun. The headaches and mood swings can leave more than just you feeling a little frustrated, however it is important to acknowledge that for many of us it is unavoidable. Instead of fearing these symptoms, try and prepare early and hit them with all you have. Stock up on plenty of things to keep you occupied such as books, movies, music and the occasional block of chocolate if you so please.

2. Nominate yourself as the designated driver


If you and your family prefer to get on the drinks outside of your house: great, you’re the designated driver. Nominating yourself to be the designated driver makes it your duty not to drink at the sake of your loved ones. While at times it may feel a little lonely, it is a great way to ensure you stop yourself from winding up at the bar by the end of the night.

3. Learn how to say “no”


Often, the hardest thing for some of us is saying no to others. Even if we have no real desire for a drink, we tend to accept it anyway to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings. Learning to say no may be the simplest step there is in this guide, however it can also be the most challenging. Give it a try, we can guarantee the other person will understand.

4. Think of the consequences


The next time you’re offered a drink, think about what it means to you. If you are a problem drinker ask yourself “how could this affect my work life?” or “what would my family think if they found out I relapsed?” While of course it is important not to dwell too much on these mistakes because everyone makes them at one stage, by thinking of these consequences that could unfold, you may feel the cravings instantly fade.

5. Get your family involved


More than anything, the holiday season is about family. The most important part of quitting drinking is love and support. By involving your family and making them aware of your struggle, everything will become much easier.

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