Top 3 tips for writing the perfect love letter, on International Love Note Day

Top 3 tips for writing the perfect love letter, on International Love Note Day
Today's the day, so do like e.e. cummings or pour your heart a la Noah to Allie in The Notebook. Surprise someone you love with a note from the heart.

There are no hard and fast rules about handwriting your love note – you could send a long handwritten message or a succinct, romantic e-card. Most people aren’t even aware that Love Note Day exists so the impact of your letter is sure to be a pleasant surprise.


  • Be yourself – Don’t be overcome by nerves and succumb to performance pressure. Don’t lose yourself in the words of others you think are more eloquent. Your love will appreciate a simple note from the heart – and they know you best, so will know if you cheated by stealing someone else’s words. Let them know what you love about them, or recall a special holiday, or even a moment that you shared.
  • Set the mood – You need to show your vulnerability if you’re going to get the best out of your love letter. Find a comfortable place; it could be by candlelight, cozy in you’re your PJ’s or perhaps you work best a café? Make sure you find that special space that allows you to connect with your feelings about your love note recipient.
  • Remember Why – Why do you want to write your note? Is your subject far away? Write about how you’re pining for them. Have they been patiently helping you through a tough time recently? Let your gratitude shine through. Use your purpose to avoid going on a tangent.

Love Note Day can be for any family members or for long time friends, too. It’s the perfect day to make someone feel appreciated through just a few heartfelt words.

If you don’t have a special love, use the day to write a note for someone also unlikely to get a note. A family member perhaps? Think of the lead in the film Amelie, who brought warmth and colour to her lonely ageing neighbour’s, by writing love letters apparently from his long-lost wife. Go on, even trees get love letters. Start writing!


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