Tokyo style


MiNDFOOD’s editor-in-chief Michael McHugh was recently in Tokyo and noticed some street trends emerging.

Kimonos are being reclaimed by some of the younger generation in Japan, who happily incorporate them with Western pieces and wear them in new and creative ways. The yukata is a lightweight summer kimono that is often seen on the streets. Geta sandals are the usual footwear of choice to wear with a yukata, and are available at some of Tokyo’s leading chain stores, including UNIQLO.

What’s also undeniable, is that western fashion, as seen on the left, has also permeated the streets.

Real men wear bow-ties


“I’m part of a bow-tie appreciation club. I have around 40 or 50 bow-ties. It’s become this horrible thing where I can’t not wear them to work now because people get disappointed.”