Tips & Tricks to Cooking With Bitters: Not just for cocktails anymore

By Angostura

Tips & Tricks to Cooking With Bitters: Not just for cocktails anymore
That bottle of Angostura bitters that’s lasted you longer than you can remember? Put it to work in the kitchen with these simple tips.

The formula has been a secret for centuries. Yet, it’s a go-to product – an absolutely essential ingredient – for any mixologist – whether at-home or behind-the-bar. And, pro chefs and at-home cooks have found unique uses for it too. What’s the must-have staple to flavour foods like no other? A few dashes of ANGOSTURA aromatic bitters or ANGOSTURA orange bitters.

That’s right! Just as they do in drinks, bitters, especially, ANGOSTURA aromatic bitters and ANGOSTURA orange bitters, can add nuance and depth to dishes of all kinds including appetisers, entrees and desserts. Everything from homemade baked goods to burgers on the grill to good old fashion comfort food can be enhanced with just a few drops. It’s an ingredient that no home kitchen (let alone bar) should be without.

First thing is first. Bitters are not actually bitter in taste, despite its name. In fact, bitters temper the acidity of citrus ingredients (good for those of us with sensitivities), and may even help settle the stomach. When the original secret formula of ANGOSTURA aromatic bitters was created in 1824, the Royal Navy even used it to cure sea-sickness.

In Trinidad and Tobago, where the House of Angostura resides, it’s especially common to add a generous amount of bitters to a variety of sauces and marinades. Here are a few tips to consider:

Tip #1 – Try it for yourself first! Start simply by adding a few dashes of ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters to a cup of coffee, tea, a glass of orange juice, or even a bowl of vanilla ice cream and you’ll soon realise why it’s loved around the world. It even gives a delicious twist to ketchup or mayonnaise.

Tip #2 – Serving Size – If you have not used ANGOSTURA aromatic bitters in a specific recipe before, start out with a teaspoon, taste and then add a second teaspoon if desired.

Tip #3 – Healthy Alternative – Looking for a replacement for salt? Those in the know even use it to replace salt when cooking, as it’s sodium and gluten free.

Never cooked with bitters? Try our delicious recipe for Garlic Prawns and zesty Fish Sandi’s here.


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