Tips On How To Use Estée Lauder New Dimension Expert Liquid Tape

Estée Lauder New Dimension Expert Liquid Tape instantly tightens and tones the areas of the face where it matters most – along upper cheekbones, up to temples and the overall eye area. Fast-acting polymers help target and give a tighter feel to key facial contours. Over time, thanks to concentrated HA boosters and a pro-collagen complex, skin looks firmer and more toned for a more sculpted, lifted look around the eye area.

How to apply:

1. Apply AM and PM on clean, dry skin—before any other skincare or makeup products

2. Twist the applicator to “On” and squeeze a small, half-pea-sized drop onto tip, then twist “Off” before applying so you don’t accidentally dispense more

3. Apply to the following target areas, drawing the applicator smoothly over skin to ensure it spreads in a thin film:

  • From outer brow bone, move out and up toward temples and hold briefly
  • Then move from upper cheekbones up toward temples and hold briefly
  • From corner of mouth, sweep up toward cheekbones and hold briefly
  • Finish by applying anywhere else you need a tightening sensation
  • Let Liquid Tape dry for 2 minutes so it can set completely

5. Gently pat or tap on any following skincare and makeup products, taking care not to “break” the delicate Liquid Tape. Don’t glide or sweep on your other products as you usually would

Key points to remember when using Liquid Tape:

  • Do apply a thin film on clean, dry skin
  • Don’t apply over skincare or makeup. It should be the very first step in your regimen after cleansing
  • Do let it dry completely before applying any other formulas
  • Do gently pat or tap on any following formulas so you don’t “break” the Liquid Tape

Eva Mendes’ Thoughts On Motherhood

What sort of message about inner and outer beauty are you hoping to pass on?

For me, it’s about being my authentic self. It’s about embracing changes and mistakes while really continuing to grow. That’s something I’m really concentrating on right now. I’m only six months into motherhood, so I don’t have any major statements yet to make, but I really do feel that kids learn by example. So, if I work on myself and continue to be open and continue to grow as a person, I think that’s a good place to start.

How has your beauty routine changed since becoming a mother?

I’ve always loved to have a ritual, something that I always do, no matter where I am. So, the way my beauty routine has changed since becoming a mother is that I’m still really diligent about my ritual, but it’s just at different times of the day. Sometimes it’s at four in the morning. Sometimes it’s at two in the afternoon. I’m no longer on my own time. I don’t have a nanny and I’m a very hands-on mom. But as tired as I am, I do find those few minutes, absolutely. I keep my ritual. I sneak those moments. The minute my daughter falls asleep for a nap or for the night, I’m just doing all my stuff.

Is motherhood a huge part of your life?

Absolutely – it’s the biggest part of my life. Everything has more weight – who I align myself with, what companies I align myself with, what I’m out there promoting, how I’m promoting it. Everything, for me, goes back to the thought, ‘will I potentially embarrass my little girl at some point?’ I know I will embarrass her, I’m sure of it. That’s what moms do. But I want to make sure that she is proud of me.