Tips To Relieve Muscle Soreness


Tips To Relieve Muscle Soreness
Sore muscles after hitting the gym? Try these four top tips for easy muscle pain relief after working out.

Muscle pain ranges from irritating to extremely sore, but often in our busy lives it’s hard to find time to visit the physiotherapist. Luckily, there are a few at-home remedies you can try.

Stretch well

“Generally, muscle soreness from exercise is caused by microscopic tears to the muscle that happen during a workout”, says Inflamax Spray Brand Manager, Ornella Caiazza. “Make sure to stretch well before and after any exercise session.” When you exercise, your muscles contract and the muscle fibers get shorter. Lengthening these muscles fibres by stretching after a workout boosts mobility and helps your body recover more thoroughly.

Massage your sore spots

Massaging your muscles between workouts to promote mobility and ease muscle soreness by encouraging blood flow. To see significant improvements, use a foam roller to massage your whole body even on days when you aren’t working out.

Add heat

Warmth improves circulation, helping to loosen up tight muscles. Have a hot bath or apply a hot wheat sack to sore muscles for instant relief.

Apply temporary relief treatments

“For pain and inflammation in muscles, tendons and ligaments – say, from sport injuries or tendinitis – topical products like Inflamax Spray, that contain diclofenac, are commonly used to provide effective temporary relief”, says Ornella. 


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