Three things to look out for when buying candles


Three things to look out for when buying candles

It might surprise you to hear that not all candles are created equal – some materials used to make candles are superior than others.

The Karma Collective, which makes hand-poured soy candles and donates 50 per cent of its profits to animal charities, has compiled these tips to help you better understand which candles are best to buy.


It’s important to consider what the candle is made of. Soy wax burns slowly and is a lot cleaner than paraffin wax, resulting in less soot and smoke, therefore the scents are stronger and purer.

Soy wax is also eco-friendly as it is made from a renewable resource compared to paraffin wax, which is made from petroleum oil. All of Karma Collective candles are made from soy wax and will last longer than candles made of paraffin blend wax.


The type of wick used can affect how much soot and smoke it produces and how fast it burns.

Cotton wicks are the best for avoiding soot and smoke and are the safest. It’s also recommended to trim the wick before lighting it up every time.


We all have our own preferences when choosing scents for candles, however it is good to know what the fragrance is made of.

Candles that use synthetic oils have a better shelf life and won’t cause any allergies, compared to natural and essential oils. Karma Collective is a vegan-friendly company and only uses fragrance oils.


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