Three Skincare Innovations You Need on Your Radar

MiNDFOOD Style caught up with David Whyte, global educator for Murad Asia Pacific to find out what the future holds for skincare.

Pollution Fighters

One of biggest shifts we’ll see in skincare in the coming years is innovation that protects our skin from detrimental effects of urban living – pollution, too much screen time. Damage done to our skin doesn’t stop when we get shuteye, explains Murad Asia Pacific global educator, David Whyte. “At night time we need to detoxify the skin and neutralise the damage done,” he says. Murad City Skin Overnight Detox ($139) includes super-potent antioxidants Marrubium Plant Stem Cells and a vitamin C concentrate so you wake up with stronger, radiant, healthier skin.

Beauty From The Inside 

More beauty consumers are switching on to the fact that there’s much more to healthy, resilient skin than just a cabinet stocked with ground-breaking skincare innovations. “Efficacious skincare is only addressing a small part of skin health,” agrees Whyte. Murad practices a four-point “connected” approach to beauty. “Nourish your skin; eat your water; awaken your body – do exercise that gives you pleasure, if doing boot camp makes you miserable, don’t do it, it’s not sustainable; be kind to your mind – bring down those stress levels,” explains Whyte.

Healthy Skin For All Ages

Gone are the days of choosing a skincare routine based solely on your age believes Whyte. “We don’t talk about anti-ageing. We talk about youth-building,” he says. “It’s about tricking the skin into acting as if was younger,” Whyte explains.  A regimen that includes efficacious ingredients – Whyte touts vitamin A, C and peptides as the best in the business –is key to healthy skin. “It’s a really different approach to skincare. Teach the skin cells to act younger and then the result of that is youthful skin.”

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The Fragrances You Need This Autumn

Coming into winter trends typically move away from the floral, fruity notes of summer. But we’re challenging that notion with vibrant fragrances that remind us of spring blooms. If it’s to-die-for bouquets of fresh blossoms that have you head-over-heels with just one spritz, there’s no shortage of scents. Lush fragrances whipped up with verdant green hints are in abundance, so unleash fragrance’s power to transport you to another time and place – tranquil green forests are a simple spray away.

Here are five of our favourites right now.

From left: Tom Ford Vert de Fleur (50ml EDP, $378); Boucheron Neroli d’Ispahan (125ml EDP, $310); Bottega Veneta Eau de Velours (50ml EDP, $185); Portraits Penhaligon’s The Tragedy of Lord George (75ml EDP, $449, from WORLD); Chanel Boy (75ml EDT, $342).