Three design and decor trends taking over, according to Pinterest


Pinterest has flagged ideas including unique colour use, Nancy Meyers inspiration and vintage elements. Images / Pinterest
Pinterest has flagged ideas including unique colour use, Nancy Meyers inspiration and vintage elements. Images / Pinterest
Thinking about refreshing a room or taking on a decor project? According to Pinterest, there's a good chance you'll have one of the latest trends on your radar. 

The virtual pinboard site that describes itself as a ‘visual discovery engine’, has picked three influential interior trends dominating design right now. Pinterest comes to these conclusions by analysing its data on usage trends and the fact that people generally use Pinterest to plan for the future.

The exciting part is, you don’t need to be planning a major renovation to embrace elements of these styles. Instead, with eclectic and individual details, they can easily be personalised to your taste or style.

Dopamine home decor

Inspiration flagged by Pinterest as ‘Dopamine Decor.’ Images / Pinterest

Trending searches  show we’re excited by vibrant and personalised home decor, with searches for “dopamine decor” up 280%.

Gone are the days of bland and generic beige interiors. This trend is about embracing the shades that make you happy, and infusing your spaces with individuality. This also means mixing and contrasting tones and textures.

It doesn’t mean you have to go bright and bold – unless you want to – as the searches also reflect an interest in ways to use pastels in a modern setting. But equally, the maximalist decor trend fits well here too,

“People are yearning for spaces that burst with color, comfort and character, reflecting their personalities and creating a welcoming sanctuary that feels uniquely their own,” says Pinterest.

‘Colour drenching’ is one approach getting a boost, up in searches by 990%. This refers to extending a single colour across all surfaces in a room, varying in tones or using similar ones for walls and ceilings, linen, window treatments and light fixtures.

“Dopamine decor” (+280%) 

  • Grandma core bedroom +2605%
  • Whimsical decor +4690%
  • Fairycore bedroom +420%
  • Pastel desk +8995%
  • Color drenching +990%
  • Pastel eclectic decor +130%

 Nancy Meyers core

Inspiration flagged by Pinterest as ‘Nancy Myers aesthetic.’ Images / Pinterest

Find endless charm in the style of classic rom-coms? You’re not the only one!

“This aesthetic is inspired by the timeless elegance of Nancy Meyers’ signature style and her ability to infuse warmth and sophistication into every space,” says Pinterest.

Think soft florals, gentle neutrals, linen fabric couch slipcovers and smaller touches that make a house feel like a home – clocks, fruit bowls, stacked bookshelves, fabric lamps on side tables, vases of flowers and an abundance of natural light.

 Nancy Meyers core

  • Nancy Meyers living room +2090%
  • Nancy Meyers bedroom +1505%
  • Nancy Meyers homes +2055%
  • Nancy Meyers kitchen +620%

Eclectic vintage

Inspiration flagged by Pinterest as ‘Eclectic Vintage.’ Images / Pinterest

Love nothing more than searching through op-shops and thrift stores for that perfect vintage piece? You’ll definitely recognise this one.

“Individuals are drawn to eclectic vintage decor that tells a story and adds a sense of nostalgia and charm,” says Pinterest. “This trend toward personalised, eclectic and inviting home decor is driven by a desire to create environments that evoke a sense of joy.”

It gives you free reign to mix styles and eras, as long as it speaks to you. Seek out unique furniture, dinnerware and crockery or get out that Crown Lynn you’ve collected – you’ll be bang on trend.

The offshoot ‘bookshelf wealth’ trend would mesh well with this one.

Eclectic vintage

  • Vintage eclectic home +1418%
  • Tea sets vintage +168%
  • Vintage plates on wall +119%
  • Vintage dinnerware +212%
  • Vintage americana +164%


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