Three Common Hair Problems Solved

Joico guest artist and owner of Cocoon Hair Design, Felicity Bruce, knows a thing about what it takes to get strong, healthy hair. We asked Bruce to solve three common hair problems for us.

My scalp is irritated and flaky after I get my coloured. Why does this happen and what can I do to prevent it?

Flaky scalps can occur immediately after a colouring service or up to two weeks later. This tells me there is a sensitivity to the colour service, so I’d look for alternatives to the type of colour or the technique that has been used. Perhaps change the colour from a permanent to a demi-permanent, or look at off-scalp colour options. 

I’m trying to grow my hair long. How often should I get it trimmed and is there anything I can do to speed up to process?

I would still get your hair trimmed regularly – but instead of every five to six weeks stretch it out by a couple more weeks. Also, the trim needs to be tiny, so go to a hairdresser that believes in millimetres not centimetres. Keep your diet well balanced and look into supplements to ensure you have all the necessary goodness to grow your hair.

How often should I wash my hair?

The common recommended frequency is every couple of days but there are many variables that can change this. If you work in hospitality or hit the gym often you might wash daily – or if you have a bright colour you will want to wash it less to avoid colour fading. If you’re struggling to figure out what is right for you, talk to your hairdresser as they know their products and your hair best. They can help you to figure out which shampoo and washing frequency will work best for you. For those washing their hair every day consider using a co-wash (cleansing conditioner) as this will provide cleaning to the hair and scalp with minimal disruption to your hair’s colour and natural oils. 

Meet Jo Malone London Poppy & Barley Cologne

We chat with the perfumer behind Jo Malone London Poppy & Barley Cologne.

When Jo Malone London launched its limited-edition English Fields collection last year, while all enchanting, there was one fragrance from the collection that stood out from the rest. And now, thanks to its overwhelming success and popularity, the warm and mesmerising Poppy & Barley Cologne has been added to Jo Malone London’s permanent collection of fragrances. Mathilde Bijauoi, the perfumer behind the much-loved fragrance – and a handful of other Jo Malone London favourites including the heady Myrrh & Tonka and Jasmine & Sambac – says she was very excited when she found out the news. “The fragrance itself was quite an achievement,” she says. “And it’s always so nice to know that so many people love and can wear the fragrance you’ve created.”

With its warm, golden notes of barley, vibrant poppies and a contrasting hint of juicy blackcurrant it’s easy to understand why the fragrance has become such a hit. Just one spritz of Poppy & Barley Cologne is enough to transport you to a sun-drenched English field where grains and flowers mingle. “It was an exciting creative challenge and new territory for me — exploring the potential of the ingredients and their combination,” she says.“Poppy & Barley has an element of the unexpected and unusual — a contrast between the vibrant poppies and the nourishing grains, rounded by hints of violet and fig,” explains Bijauoi.

Jo Malone Poppy & Barley

Bijauoi, who says she owes her career to her father who introduced her to the olfactory world through his passion for gastronomy, is well aware of the powerful impact fragrance can have on each and every one of us. It was in her early childhood that she first discovered the power of fragrance and at the tender age of 13 during a trip Osmothèque – the world’s largest fragrance archive – in Versailles, Bijauoi decided that it perfumery that would become her future vocation. When Bijauoi isn’t busy concocting captivating fragrances, she spends her spare time running olfactory hospital workshops for women suffering from cancer.

Bijauoi believes that scent has the ability to help us reconnect with our wellbeing, which could help to explain the affinity with Jo Malone London Poppy & Barley Cologne that many have experienced. Bijauoi says she believes that Poppy & Barley Cologne has resonated with so many because there is something incredibly uplifting about the scent of barley. “There’s something about barley that has a bit of a reassuring effect,” she says. She believes that the world we live in can be somewhat of an assault on the senses and in our hectic lives when need something that can help us find those moments of serenity. For Bijauoi her Poppy & Barley creation does just that. When asked what feelings the scent conjures up for her personally she says it’s most likely the same feelings that lovers of the fragrance have when they were – a sense of reassurance, almost like a security blanket. “People need something comforting in their lives,” she adds.


In Jo Malone London world there’s no such thing as owning too many fragrances as each scent has been designed with the ability to be layered with your other favourite Jo Malone London colognes. Try these mesmerising combinations with Jo Malone London Poppy & Barley to create a bespoke scent. Pair Jo Malone London Poppy & Barley with the iconic Wood Sage & Sea Salt and you’ll be transported to a coastal paradise in just one spritz. Take Jo Malone London Poppy & Barley into the evening by layering it with the opulent and enchanting Myrrh & Tonka Cologne.

Jo Malone London Poppy & Barley Cologne is available now (30ml for $120 and 100ml for $240). Click here to purchase.