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Things people with Down Syndrome are tired of hearing

Things People With Down's Syndrome Are Tired of Hearing. Image: BBCII! Via You Tube

Things people with Down Syndrome are tired of hearing

From not being capable of being in relationships, to being ineffective in the workplace. A new BBC series explores the common misconceptions and prejudices against people with Down Syndrome.

Things people with Down Syndrome are tired of hearing

A new series is making the rounds across the internet,  aimed at dispelling the prejudices and stereotypes society places upon people with Down Syndrome.

The below video features couples and family members, who share their stories and experiences, all the while shutting down some of the most common misconceptions of who they are.

One of the first stereotypes “people with Down Syndrome can’t learn” is answered with laughs all round, and all of the participants state why they disagree with this statement. One woman says “I passed all 10 of my GCSES” with another stating that she in fact had “qualifications in customer service and hairdressing”. That people with Down Syndrome cannot be active participants and contributors to society, is a dangerous prejudice that unfortunately still prevails. This is just one of the myths this video expertly shuts down with grace and humour.

Another negative myth – “adults with Down Syndrome are like children” is met with sighs of frustration from all parties, and rightfully so. The participants talks about the amount of condescending people who assume adults with the condition are inept or need to be spoken to like children. As one of the participants expertly points out – “Infantilisation… Do one!”.

These are just some of the infuriating stereotypes that people with Down Syndrome have to deal with on a daily basis.

Watch the full video below.


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