The World’s Richest Man’s Five Tips For Success


The World’s Richest Man’s Five Tips For Success
Jeff Bezos from Amazon says child-like curiosity and avoiding multitasking will guarantee success.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos earned the title of world’s richest man through his 16.6% stake in Amazon, which puts his net worth at approximately $94.6 billion. The Seattle-based company, founded by Bezos in 1994, has grown from its online retail roots to cloud computing, streaming video, artificial intelligence and more. Amazon’s shares have recently been boosted by its acquisition of grocery chain Whole Foods.

Bezo’s Guide To Life – 5 Tips For Success

  • Never multitask: Avoiding multitasking is central to Bezos’ philosophy. The CEO says focusing on a single job and seeing it through to completion, rather than switching back and forth between jobs, is more efficient. “I don’t like to multi-task. If I’m reading my email I want to be reading my email,” The Daily Mail reports.
  • Be resourceful and resilient: Bezos learnt the value of self-reliance and perseverance from spending his childhood summers on a secluded farm owned by his grandfather.
  • Find the right partner: A partner that you see eye-to-eye with will help you on your journey to success. Bezos says he knew his wife was the one after witnessing her own resourcefulness. The couple has been together for 24 years.
  • Take risks: Bezos quit a lucrative job in finance software engineering to begin the internet bookstore that became Amazon. “I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried,” he says.
  • Approach difficulties with curiosity: Bezo recommends approaching tasks and situations with childlike curiosity to avoid becoming “trapped by knowledge.”



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