The world’s craziest workouts

The world’s craziest workouts
Immerse yourself in another culture's weird and wild exercise practices.

For those of us that like working out while travelling, there’s good news – a whole collection of bizarre workout options are available in different locations around the world. Check out some of the fitness retreats throughout the globe that caught our eye.

Bamboo Dancing |Karkloof Safari SpaSouth Africa

Learn some new moves as you dance among the greenery or Karkloof Safari Spa’s tranquil setting. This eco-friendly spa uses locally-sourced bamboo as an instrument for engaging in indigenous Zulu dances. You’ll get the heart rate pumping with this cardio activity. 

Spoga | BodyHoliday YogaSt Lucia

A mixture of cardio and stretching, BodyHoliday’s Spoga will bring you up and then cool you down. The class begins with a 20 minute cycling session, followed by a 20 minute relaxing yoga flow. You’ll burn calories and restore the mind as you get sweaty in front of a glass window overlooking the vibrant St Lucian jungle.

Warrior Workout | Fusion Maia YogaVietnam

Enhance your agility and strength with this high-intensity cardio yoga session. Bodyweight moves such as the “lean leopard” will work your body in an energetic, but mindful environment. If you like power yoga, chances are you’ll love the Warrior Workout.

RIP Trainer | Atmantan FitnessIndia

It might sound terrifying, but the RIP Trainer workout is a fantastic way to get your daily cardio intake. A speedy, core-based session, you will burn calories and strengthen muscles in just one session. Finish up with a relaxing spa at the resort’s premium facilities.

Fit & Face | Lefay Fusion FitnessItaly 

Another Italian masterpiece fitness idea, Fit & Face is basically gymnastics for the face. Therapeutic facial stretches tighten your muscles, decreasing the effects of ageing. Your face will feel the difference after a few of these classes. Go for hike in the neighbouring Gargano mountains afterwards. 


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