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The world might be running out of chocolate

The world might be running out of chocolate

Brace yourselves everyone: new data suggests that the planet may be running out of chocolate.

The world might be running out of chocolate

It’s official: we’re all eating too much chocolate.

According to data released by two of the planet’s biggest chocolate manufacturers, Mars and Barry Callebaut, farmers aren’t being able to keep up production levels in line with the amount of cocoa the world is consuming, the Washington Post reports.

Last year alone, we tucked into 70,000 metric tonnes more cocoa than was produced. At this rate, we could reach one million metric tonnes by 2020.

And there’s no slowing down on the chocolate sales front, with China a growing market for chocolate, even though they still only make up five per cent of the amount the average Western European consumes per year.

To add to the issue, dry weather and a fungal disease is also impacting crops in West Africa, where nearly 70 per cent of the world’s cocoa hails from.

This and the rise in popularity of dark chocolate, which as we know is a lot heavier in cocoa mass than milk chocolate (dark contains roughly 60 per cent more coca per average bar).

Deep breaths everyone. Deep, calm, steady breaths.

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