Your weekend health makeover

By Kate Hassett

Your weekend health makeover
How to hit refresh on your health this weekend in 5 simple steps.

Whether your ‘weekend’ consists of a regular Saturday and Sunday, or if your days off are scattered throughout the week, making most of our precious time away from work can be integral to how we manage everything from our workload to sleep.

Weekend health makeover

So what can we do to make the most out of the weekend?

Take some time

It is important to have time to yourself during days off. Whether it’s going for a walk to the park and taking in the surroundings or drawing and settling into a warm bath, allowing yourself to be still, free from technology and other distractions, is important to our general wellbeing and an excellent way to practice mindfulness and simple meditation.  This simple practice has the ability to de-stress and revitalise our minds, helping us to become stronger and more equipped to deal with the week ahead – as well as great for winding down from the previous week.

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Plan your meals for the week ahead

By spending some time doing your weekly shop and prepping for the coming week, you will be surprised at just how much time and money you can save. Write down all the meals you want to cook for week and stick to a shopping list. By avoiding unnecessary purchases you can save money and avoid food wastage. Planning on cooking a soup or Bolognese? These can always be made ahead and frozen for quick meals that can be whipped up in minutes after a long day at work.

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Let go of the week just passed and prepare for the next

Take some time out to reconnect with yourself at the end of the week. With a pen and paper, write down everything on your mind, no filter and no holding back. This cathartic exercise is surprisingly cleansing and helpful when it comes to tackling issues that could be affecting your mental wellbeing.

This is a chance to get things off your chest and de-brief, even if it is just with yourself.

Be careful not to judge yourself for what you are writing down or stumble across whilst venting on paper.

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Stop negative thoughts

It is important to focus on your mental health just as much as your physical health. Make sure to keep weekends positive by banning negative thoughts and promoting positivity.

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