The uplifting new perfume that inspires joy in simple moments

The new BOSS ALIVE Eau de Toilette layers notes of mandarin, jasmine and magnolia with a soft woody base.

What do you consider life’s simple pleasures?

For us, it’s as simple as hearing our favourite song on the radio. That first sip of coffee in the morning or the colours of a beautiful sunset.

Clearly, they don’t have to be big, on the contrary, delighting in the little wins of each day makes life all the more sweet!

Taking a second to acknowledge them is so important, especially in an increasingly busy and challenging world where nourishing your mental wellness is imperative.

Acquiring a new perfume is no little pleasure, rather a special one to be celebrated, but subsequently encountering its lingering notes on your skin, days, weeks and months afterwards, certainly offers plenty of moments to savour.

Light hearted and chic, the new perfume from Hugo Boss is inspired by this very notion. BOSS ALIVE Eau de Toilette’s light and bright notes are intended to remind us to live life to the fullest and take joy in small moments of connection, positivity, and happiness that lift our spirits.

After spritzing it, we definitely caught ourselves breathing deeply a few times throughout the day to make the most of the pretty, enduring scent. 

Bright and uplifting

A year after the initial BOSS ALIVE Eau de Parfum landed on counters here, the brand new version extends on its success while lightening up the olfactory approach, putting a spring in its step, so to speak.

There’s a real soft gourmand personality when you initially smell it that we would describe as delicious, but instead of veering to sweet it’s more bright fruits, then settles into a familiar feminine powdered note. That’s thanks to a radiant composition that layers citrus fruits with elegant floral elements and soft woods.  In an interesting approach that plays into the success of this scent, it was co-created by respected female perfumers Marie Salamagne and Honorine Blanc. The two women chose crisp apple top notes joined by zesty mandarin, lemon, and a magnolia accord, providing a fresh and floral boost. 

However, the true personality of the scent lies in its intensely feminine heart, bringing together Sambac Jasmine, Damascena Rose, and exquisite Michelia Yunnanensis, a type of magnolia, which adds exotic floral tones with a unique creamy and spicy signature. Notes of clary sage and moss join elegant sandalwood and cedar wood at the base for a captivating and enduring strength.

Thanks to their composition, Eau De Toilette perfumes are less concentrated and intense so they make easy everyday options as they aren’t overwhelming and that’s definitely the case here. Whether you’re in an office, meeting with friends or out and about, it won’t jar with other scents you might encounter. 

Sleek and chic

For counter-appeal the bottle is stunning in its simplicity. 

The architectural perfume flacon was designed by German jeweler Amélie Riech. Previously a fashion stylist, Reich is known for the strong, sleek and minimalist designs of her jewellery brand Uncommon Matters, and she translates that aesthetic beautifully to the BOSS ALIVE perfume bottle.  

It houses a new, lighter pink liquid inside, while the polished metal band encasing the heavy glass shape is a feminine, rose gold hue. The peachy-pink box, also encased with a rose gold band, mirrors the stylish and uplifting but not in-your-face approach of the perfume’s scent. 

  • BOSS ALIVE Eau de Toilette is in stores now

STYLE promotion

MAC Cosmetics releases dramatic new makeup collection inspired by Disney’s ‘Cruella’ 

MAC’s Cruella collection offers makeup inspired by the diabolical Disney villain.

Telling the back story of one the most iconic cinematic villains, Disney’s new film Cruella is set to be one of the biggest releases of the season.

Emma Stone stars as Cruella de Vil, the fashionable yet diabolical canine foe with a penchant for monochrome in the live-action origin story, intended as a prequel to 101 Dalmatians.

The new film extends Cruella’s favour for glamorous, vampy and dramatic get ups, complete with a two-toned coiffure and precisely -applied makeup to match.

Long acquainted with limited-edition collections that play off some of Disney’s most well known characters (collections have previously celebrated Aladdin, Maleficent and Cinderella)  MAC Cosmetics has seized on the opportunity to create a spectacular makeup collection in tribute.

Brilliantly bold textures and colours that can be worn with dramatic flair or just a touch of the collection of course comes encased in striking black and white packaging. 

Along with the obvious nods to the film’s themes and its setting in punk-rock era London, the collection plays on some of its subculture roots, MAC Director of Makeup Artistry, Terry Barber explained in a statement. 

“It’s high glam with plenty of attitude, brought to a new generation,” says Barber.

“With there being such a huge trend for recycling the more niche counterculture moments of previous decades, this collection feels like MAC returning to a celebration of the kind of DIY styling and brave transformation that originally made it such a maverick brand.”

The collection includes eight different products, an eyeshadow palette, three matte lipsticks, four liquid lipsticks (all of which come in different shades of red), a dual-ended eyeliner, lashes, a face brush and an eye brush and a blush duo.

The highlight is undoubtedly the ‘Cruella T Be Kind” eye palette held together with magnets and detaches into four two-pan mini palettes for on-the-go use. 

The brushes with black-and white bristles are also undoubtedly genius, a fun nod to Cruella’s famous ‘do. 

MAC’s Cruella collection is available from May 13 and Cruella is in cinemas from May 27.