The Trends to Try in 2018

The arrival of a new year is the perfect reason to throw that old fashion rule book out the window and embrace change where your wardrobe is concerned. We’ve rounded up three of our favourite must-try trends that we’re bound to see a whole lot more of both on and off the runway.

If you’re daring enough, step outside your comfort zone and give them a go.


The Summer Hair Series: How to Find the Perfect Hair Style

Not sure whether you’re doing enough to protect your hair from the surf and sun this summer? We sat down with Hina, KĂ©rastase expert and hair stylist at Rodney Wayne Eastridge, to find out everything you need to know to get radiant, healthy hair this season.

What haircare mistake do you see women making coming into summer?

The biggest mistake women make coming into summer is not using protection for their hair. Over summer the sun is very harsh on the hair. Kerastase K Soleil is the perfect product designed to protect, repair and leave your hair feeling nourished and shiny ready for summer!

What changes to we need to make to our haircare routine to protect it over the summer months?

The changes that we need to make to our haircare routine to protect over the summer months is using the right product to suit your hair type. Over the summer months,  it is important to use products that are nourishing on the hair & contain ingredients that have UV protecting qualities.

Should we be putting down the heat styling tools and embrace a more natural look over summer?

As we are coming into the warmer weather our hair can be unruly and frizzy. Instead of using heat styling tools, it’s a great opportunity to embrace the summer look while maintaining beautiful hair. The perfect product to maintain the gorgeous summer look and still have control is Kerastase Aura Botanica Oil Mist which can be used on wet or dry hair, you only need to try it once to fall in love with this gorgeous product.