The top beauty and wellness ingredients for 2022


If you find it hard to keep up with new skincare releases, innovations and must-try ingredients to boost your mental and physical wellness, look away now!

But if you’re keen to know how to improve your skin routine and what the next trending wonder superfood might be, by all means read on.

Given we’re all curious to know what’s in our skincare and what those ingredients can actually do for our skin, as well as ingestibles that might be able to boost our appearance – and performance –  it’s not surprising that plant-based ingredients have been gaining in popularity for our insides, and out.

According to recent research from Trendalytics, that’s likely to continue for the next year.

The retail analytics company has released a report of the top 10 ingredients for 2022, based on current search patterns.

 “We’re continuing to see the blurring of the lines between industries: food and wellness, wellness and skin care,” said Sarah Barnes, content marketing manager at Trendalytics told WWD. “Brands in any of those spaces are branching out to create more of a lifestyle approach.”

Barnes says those featuring highly on social media platforms like TikTok will continue to remain influential, like Chlorophyll drops, currently proving incredibly popular on the platform despite mixed reports from health professionals on benefits as a health supplement. 

“The idea of ‘beauty hacks’ is really popular: people are saying sea salt spray is a miracle cure for acne, and chlorophyll is another,” Barnes said. “Last year, we saw the boom in vitamin C, elderberry and other natural ingredients that help boost immunity. Now, people are emerging from lockdown into society, and these are other examples of shifts in consumer demand and priorities.”

Top 10 ingredients for 2022, according to Trendalytics.

  1. Chlorophyll
  2. Postbiotic
  3. Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid (PCA)
  4. Bakuchiol
  5. Winter Cherry
  6. Volcanic Ash
  7. Makgeolli (A traditional Korean alcoholic beverage brewed from rice)
  8. Tulip
  9. CBD
  10. Probiotic



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