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The subtle black dot helping domestic violence victims

Image: #blackdotcampaign

The subtle black dot helping domestic violence victims

Could the simple #blackdotcampaign provide a ray of hope for desperate women stuck in controlling, abusive relationships?

The subtle black dot helping domestic violence victims

It has been a shocking year, with more women and children than ever being murdered at the hands of their male family members. Domestic violence has been described as a crisis and an epidemic, and despite the Queensland Government introducing harsh new penalties, it seems no one has the answers to stop the horrific violence.

Often kept close at all times to their tormentors, these women don’t have the opportunity or sometimes even the words necessary to let someone know they’re trapped in a terrifying, life-threatening situation.

The mysterious campaign was launched anonymously by the creators. They hope that victims can use the subtle black dot, to reach out for help, and have stated on Twitter that, “The idea came from a former domestic violence victim.”

Like any sensitive topic, the campaign also faces controversy. Some have questioned the danger a victim would face if their partner recognises the symbol, which has gone viral across social media. Others have raised  concerns that professionals such as social care workers and medical professionals are not trained to identify the black dot.

What do you think of this campaign? Could it save a life?


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