The STYLE List: 5 fashionable Kiwis on their style inspirations

Feeling like you need to start the new year with a wardrobe overhaul but not sure where to start?

We asked some of the coolest Kiwis to tell us who they count as their style inspirations.

MANDY MYLES – Owner, Bookety Book Books

My style icon is Susie Lau – known as susie bubble on instagram (@susiebubble). I have been obsessed with her style for some time.

Also Harry Styles for his pearl necklace jumper combos – a work of brilliance.


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KELLY THOMPSON – Owner, Makers’ Mrkt

To be honest I don’t really have a style icon, but I do admire people who are unashamedly themselves and love to dress up such as Catherine Baba, Iris Apfel, Emma Rowen Rose and Natalie Joos.


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NAVVY – Musician

I look more to brands for style ideas. I love brands like Lazy Oaf, and Ragged Priest, and how they style for shoots.

In saying that, my icon for style and also everything is Lili Ahenkan, @flex.mami on Instagram. She is everything.


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I tend to lean more towards casual beachy styles rather than expensive brands or high fashion.

I think my personal style icon was my Nana. She would wear these awesome matching tracksuits with matching heels and handbags and be comfy and look cool as all the time.

SARAH HUTCHINGS – Owner, Orsini Fine Jewellery

I have always loved fashion and this was very much influenced by my mother, she always bought Vogue magazines and Harper’s Bazaar from as early as I can remember, so I was brought up with beautiful fashion and style around me.

My mother was also very discerning when it came to the quality of fabrics, the cut, the style. This has intrinsically rubbed off on me, and this desire for quality and classical style is very much at the forefront of my jewellery designs.

Marc Jacobs on using fashion to lift his spirits during the pandemic

Marc Jacobs needs to get dressed up every day otherwise he’ll feel “depressed”.

The 57-year-old designer confessed he is keeping his spirits up during the Covid-19 pandemic by using fashion as his morale booster while stuck at home.

“I mean, I have to get dressed every day. I just have to. You know, even if it does come down to a sweatshirt and a T-shirt or whatever, you know, I just have to do the whole thing. Otherwise, I get too depressed,” he told Town & Country magazine.

And he’s a firm believer in not saving any of his clothes for a special occasion and wears whatever he feels like, especially during the last several months.

“I’ve got all this stuff, and I just want to enjoy it. Now is the time for everything, you know what I mean? If not now, when?” Jacobs asked.

Elsewhere in the interview, he spoke of his love for pearls and said a particular necklace has helped him to feel safe amid the uncertainty of the global health crisis.

“Even on days when I don’t want to get dressed, I put on my pearls and I think, ‘You know what, I’ve been healthy, I’ve been safe, I’ve been happy.’ I just think there’s something lucky about these pearls, so I’m very, very adamant about wearing them every day,” he explained.

“With all the chaos and catastrophe that’s going on, I’m just like, you know what, somehow I’m still safe, so they’re doing something.”