The rise of The Outdoor Room

Top styling tips to turn your backyard into an outdoor room.

As land space is increasingly shrinking and homeowners are sacrificing space for location, Justine Wilson, Director and Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors, claims there’s been a significant rise of outdoor rooms in the past 12 months. The trend is evolving and with Australia’s lovely weather it would be crazy not to make use of your outdoor areas.

Wilson says, “The trend is usually to focus attention on designing the inside of homes, forgetting to utilise the often-neglected outdoor spaces. It is essential to remember that outdoor areas are just as important and should be approached with the same set of decorating principals as the internal spaces in your home. Here are Justine’s top tips for creating the perfect outdoor space:

Outdoor entertaining features: An outdoor kitchen is a fantastic addition as it adds more function to the zone. Outdoor kitchens with wine fridges and sinks feel top end and will add value if you sell your home.

Opt for adaptable furnishings: Stacking chairs and a collapsible table are great options as they can be easily removed and allow flexibility depending on how many people need to circulate through the outdoor room. Outdoor lounges are also very popular as they encourage relaxing.

Add greenery: For our Australian weather, hardy low maintenance plants, such as succulents, agaves or yukkas are ideal. Greenery is all about the placement and grouping. The right mix will give your garden or patio a well-landscaped look.

Lighting: Twinkling lights will always make a space look pretty and it doesn’t have to break the bank. If you are thinking of renovating, consider how to best highlight your outdoor area with a mix of dramatic, ambient and task lighting.

Incorporate accessories: You can create a beautiful outdoor room by adding a pop of colour. Incorporate soft dressings such as accessories cushions and outdoor rugs. Select colour tones that are showcased in the interior of your home so there is flow and connection between inside and out. Nice table accessories will also jazz up your outside area – and have your outdoor zone ready for summer gatherings!

“Alfresco zones add so much value to your home or apartment, the trick is to find the balance between function and style, and ensure the area compliments the interior scheme to achieve a design flow,” adds Wilson.

A growing bathroom trend to look out for in 2019

Are green walls the hot new bathroom trend to watch out for?

Green walls have grown significantly in popularity this year and as a result, are more readily available in a variety of designs for bathrooms. This is the word from Mark Paul, Founder of The Greenwall Company who says that there is a number of benefits to greening your bathroom including; improved wellbeing and home air quality, absorption of pollutants and noise, and guaranteed aesthetic impact, now home improvement shows are driving the green wall trend.

“With so many benefits to green living and design, the trend is evolving and becoming more popular. Green walls in the bathroom are low maintenance – they eliminate unwanted pollutants and toxic fumes from the bathroom and only need to be maintained a few times a year.

30 years ago I built what is believed to be the very first greenwalls in Australia – now today with green design being an influential part of the public domain, design interest has progressed and I have seen a significant increase in demand over the past 12 months. Adding a greenwall to your bathroom will give amenity and help regulate the temperature, and increase relative humidity and air oxygenation in your home,” says Paul.

Mark’s top 5 plants for bathroom green walls

  1. Boston Fern [Nephrolepsis] – A popular variety of fern with cascading fronds, the Boston fern has pantropical to subtropical distribution.
  2. Bromeliads – Incredible plants that release oxygen and removes air pollutants during the night.
  3. Aroids – With beautiful foliage, amazing flowers and berries, they perform well indoors and in lower-light conditions.
  4. Gesneriads – African violet family, repeat flowering tremendously beautiful and eye-catching. It’s a perfect design feature for the bathroom.
  5. Peperomias – Peperomias clean the air with sympatric soil flora associations that bind and breakdown chemicals, such as formaldehyde or other indoor toxins associated with building construction and fitout.