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The Skincare Ingredients That Will Change Your Complexion


The Skincare Ingredients That Will Change Your Complexion
Each year a plethora of new skincare ingredients make their way into our beauty cabinets. We've rounded up the game-changing ingredients to keep an eye on in 2019.

Each year a plethora of new skincare ingredients make their way into our beauty cabinets. We’ve rounded up the game-changing ingredients to keep an eye on.

Drone Delivery
The way active ingredients are able to reach skin cells is just as important as the ingredients themselves. Since the desire for radiant skin that glows regardless of make-up isn’t going anywhere and the secret to achieving a truly luminous complexion could lie in a new skincare delivery system. “One of the newest innovations to hit the big list is light-activated intelligent drone technology,” says the head of education for Dermalogica Australia and New Zealand, Emma Hobson. Before you start daydreaming about a day where drones delivering cutting-edge skincare straight to your doorstep, Hobson explains that skincare drones are very different to flying drones. Dermalogica has just launched a game-changing Prisma Protect that utilises the technology. The advanced skincare delivery technology is activated by visible light which is then converted into cellular energy to help boost the skin’s natural luminosity. “This is achieved by using Chlorella Vulgaris extract and various supplemental materials in a dual-layer capsule system which is referred to as drones,” Hobson explains.

Superhero Herbs
There’s been a big buzz about adaptogens in the wellness world for a while and now the beauty world is clicking onto their benefits says Katy Bacon, education manager for Murad Australasia and Pacific. Adaptogens are plants and herbs used in herbal medicines that are said to help the body deal with physical, chemical and biological stressors. “Essentially they’re medicinal herbs and botanical extracts used to restore balance in the body,” Bacon explains. “For example, Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic antioxidant which has a relaxing effect on the adrenal glands, which, can help regulate cortisol production.” Adaptogens can be ingested or applied topically and Bacon says it’s definitely an area to watch closely. “We’re seeing a lot of research into ingredients that support health, wellness and lifestyle. Watch this space.”

Less is More
If you’ve ever picked up a jar of moisturiser and been perplexed at the sheer number of unpronounceable ingredients listed on the back, you’re not alone. Australian-born skincare brand Biologi has only been around for a year yet has already managed to flip the way we think about skincare ingredients on its head. Rather than load products up with a heap of unnecessary ingredients, founder of Biologi, Ross MacDougall uses a single ingredient in each of Biologi’s products. MacDougall who has worked in the industry for 30 years as a formulating chemist says he became disillusioned by the beauty world’s obsession with how products look and feel. “There was no focus on the skin and results,” he says. “So I thought why don’t we just put into the bottle the stuff that’s really good for the skin?” Each Biologi product is formulated with 100 per cent active organic plant extracts – Davidson plum for the Luminosity Face Serum, Kakadu plum for the Rejuvenation Eye Serum and Finger lime for the Hydration Body Serum. “There may be one ingredient in say the Kakadu plum but that has five or six different phytoactives in it,” he explains.

Good Bacteria
Bacon says probiotic-infused skincare products are set to drive the newest beauty trend for good reason. “For every one skin cell, we have 100 microbes in and on our body,” she explains. Jacob Stanley, Head of Education at MECCA Brands, agrees and says that we’re already seeing more formulas that encourage good bacteria on the skin to flourish. “We’re all drinking Kombucha and popping probiotic pills as we wise up to the importance of gut health for overall wellness, so it’s making sense to us that we need to also make sure we have the right environment of good bacteria on our skin (our largest organ) as well as in our internal systems,” he says. As Howard Murad, the founder of Murad explains, “Prebiotics work as a universal support system for our unique microbiomes, [so they] allow for a more universal approach to skin care than live bacteria or a probiotic. Prebiotics work by acting as food for the bacteria living on our skin — they are like a peacemaker, bringing balance to the skin’s microbiome.”


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