The New Foundation That Even Makes Bare Skin Look Better

The New Foundation That Even Makes Bare Skin Look Better
Clinique’s new makeup offers skincare results in a foundation finish.

Love skincare? Us too. It’s easy to get excited, but also gobsmacked, at the sheer volume of new products and what’s possible to achieve with them these days. 

Advanced beauty is our jam, and we’re always looking at what’s on the horizon for the future of beauty, but we’re also not immune to giving a little internal cheer when someone goes and condenses a few essential steps for us!

More than just foundation

The good news is, clever, multi-tasking products are a major trend in beauty this year, especially in makeup, serving to seriously streamline your routine. Clinique is leading that charge with a must-try new foundation, Clinique Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation SPF20, $75, that’s more akin to the skincare everyone is obsessed with, but handily matches your complexion, so it’ll give you the even, radiant skin you deserve instantly, and over time. 

In the past many foundations have served to completely mask skin, rather than enhance it. We’ve all tried plenty of paint-like products that remove any realistic variation in your complexion! What’s more, they often gathered in, and amplified fine lines and creases and if you have oily or congested skin, those foundations often did nothing to help the situation. In many cases, they actually made it worse, with heavy, pore-clogging formulations.  

Clinique however, is well-known for making beauty solutions that are simple and effective, with the latest ingredients and high-tech formulations, but without unnecessary fuss. The brand has also always had the condition of our skin top of mind, even when it comes to makeup, using dermatologists to help perfect products and forgoing fragrance and allergens.

It’s why the just landed Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation SPF20, is nothing short of brilliant, as it contains not just pigment, but three powerful serum technologies too. 

The power of three serums

For this new makeup the brand has called on the expertise of those responsible for formulating its famous high-performance serums and asked them to combine some of the best skin technology available into a foundation. 

Overachievers sure, but they managed to figure out how to squeeze enough of the good stuff in to be equivalent to three different serum technologies, while still making a foundation that performs really well and is beautiful to wear without disappearing by noon.

It has dark spot and even skin tone technology that uses three vitamin C derivatives to even out the look of your skin tone. These improve the look of dark spots including pesky age spots and those lingering marks left over from acne. They also help increase the general radiance of your complexion.

Hydration and moisture barrier support technology calls on hyaluronic acid, caffeine and vitamin E for that firm, healthy, bouncy appearance that also plumps out fine lines.

Smoothing and radiance technology uses famously effective salicylic acid to smooth texture, sloughing dead skin cells and making sure skin doesn’t get gunked up.

It also has essential SPF20 that will protect skin from further damage and discolouration. 

All of which means it’s designed to visibly correct, hydrate and smooth skin with every wear, and it comes with proof! As usual, the brand has done the clinical testing – hence the name – to show among other benefits, 24 hours after use skin is 56% more moisturised, and in as little as eight weeks bare skin looks more even toned and radiant, smoother. 

It’s a lot to take in, and we haven’t even mentioned the finish yet! But this is a game changer for skin in terms of its simplicity. 

The perfect daily wear

Clinique Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation SPF20 is available in 20 shades and has a buildable, medium-to-full coverage satin finish. That means if you add a little and blend well with a dense-bristle brush you can get a great base that looks fresh and wears flawlessly but it’s easy to achieve more coverage in the areas you need to by going in with a little more.

It doesn’t settle in lines and lasts really well because it’s waterproof and sweat resistant even through the humid days of summer and those unexpected rain showers!

It’s not necessary, but if you’re a fan of using an additional concealer, the perfect pair is the also recently released Clinique Even Better All-Over Concealer + Eraser, $55, that wears well under the eyes and on spots and which does not budge.

Clinique Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation SPF20 is available from Clinique Counters and online. Visit any Clinique counter for your touch-free colour match to find your perfect shade. 

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