The most popular home features in real estate listings

What are the features we most look for when we search for a home? A study by real estate website Point2 Homes might have the answer, revealing the most common phrases in listings.

Point2 Homes analysed the language in 1.2 million home listings across the United States, breaking down the most frequently-used terms by price point, region and category.

Across all price ranges and regions, the three most frequently-used feature descriptions were ‘granite countertops’, ‘hardwood floors’, and ‘stainless steel appliances’, followed by ‘open floor plan’, ‘fenced backyard’, and ‘covered patio’.

The research found there were no major differences between listing descriptions in the $250k-$500k range and those in the $1m-$5m range, indicating an increase in buyers’ expectations at the lower end of the market have led to the majority of listings mentioning similar features.

However, when it came to listings over $US5 million, the top three phrases were ‘chef/gourmet kitchen’, ‘pool and spa’, and ‘ocean view’. Next on the list were ‘wine cellar’, ‘gourmet kitchen’, and ‘guest house’.

The most notable keywords that only appeared in the luxury listings were ‘privacy’, ‘unique’, ‘spectacular’, ‘city view’, ‘home theatre’ and ‘smart home’.

The Duchess of Sussex’s guide to home dĂ©cor

The Duchess of Sussex’s pre-princess website The Tig may be no more, but her delightful tips and tricks dished out on the lifestyle blog are timeless.

We reveal the décor advice offered up to Meghan by interior design guru Jenn Schleich to help your home achieve the Markle Sparkle.

‘Layer area rugs’

The Tig recommends this technique to add depth and texture to a room. Layering a smaller, expensive rug over a larger budget-friendly one will help your dollar go further.

‘Add shapely table accents’

This tip may be more suited to the trends of 2016, with geometric shapes said to be “continuing to influence design trends” that year. But following Schleich’s advice by using a few carefully chosen items is still relevant when trying to liven up your coffee table.

‘Use black and white’

Using black and white furniture or objects is offered up as a way to “give a modern punch to a colourful space”, especially if you’re aiming to “create a room with rich texture”.

‘Pick your pillows’ 

Choosing the right accent cushions “can transform more than just your couch”. Meghan’s blog suggests bringing items from the room to the store when purchasing pillows to ensure the colours and patterns work together.

‘Grow a plant’

Greenery is said to be “an essential component in a living space”, and helps a room feel “lived in and more casual”.


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