The many health benefits of fermented dairy

By Kate Hassett

The many health benefits of fermented dairy
Why you should be adding more fermented dairy into your daily routine

Increasingly, the prevalence of studies on gut health and how this relates to our overall wellbeing is gaining more traction – and for a very good reason. Research has shown that controlling your gut health through various foods can have huge effects on everything from acne, menopause and autism, to depression and anxiety. Whilst nutritionists will cry from the heavens that this knowledge has been paramount to their field for, well – ever, the rest of the world is only just now catching up with this incredible news. Gut health is everywhere, and rightfully so.

Sometimes referred to as ‘cultured dairy’, fermented dairy contains powerful probiotics and enzymes which can aid in healing our gut.

Fermentation can occur naturally or by adding in lactobacillus bacteria, a bacteria already present (yet benign) in our gut. The lactobacilli then feed on the sugar and starch in milk, creating lactic acid and acting to preserve the milk.

The beneficial enzymes which are released in this process aid in the creation of various strains of probiotics that are excellent for everything from gut maintenance, to repairing the gut after a dose of antibiotics.

The process of fermentation also eats into the sugar lactose present within dairy, meaning that the product contains fewer carbs. The balancing power of probiotics means overall, ingestion of these products can improve digestion and strengthen immunity.

For those who aren’t dairy-intolerant, including small amounts of raw, grass-fed, fermented dairy can have amazing effects on our overall wellbeing.

Easy to find options would be Yoghurt, Kefir and Milk Cheese but you are certainly not limited to these.

Want to improve your gut health but aren’t sure about fermented dairy yet? Try these simple and delicious recipes for at-home pickling here. 

Learn more about how important gut health is, and how to heal your gut here.


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