The Making of MiNDFOOD: Smart Thinking – Style

By Carolyn Enting

The Making of MiNDFOOD: Smart Thinking – Style
MiNDFOOD's Associate Editor Carolyn Enting lets us in on the making of the Style pages.

One of the favourite parts of my job is doing the Style pages every month for MiNDFOOD. The process starts with deciding on a topic.

For our September issue, we chose to do a shopping page on menswear for several reasons: the menswear shows in Paris and Milan had just happened, and I wanted to report the trends hot off the catwalk. And of course, Father’s Day is in September.


We decided to spotlight the colour navy as it has been a dominant trend in menswear, as well as lighter shades of blue. This trend is also carrying on over to summer.


Many designers – including Dior Homme and Armani – favoured blue on the runway. It’s great to see the classic colour back – it’s a welcome change from black and a much more flattering colour for most skin tones.

Once a topic is decided upon, we begin a search for the best products and garments that we think our readers will love, appreciate, and relate to most. It begins by going through designer look books and tagging garments with Post-It® Notes by 3M, and making a initial hit list.


Later, we narrow the number looks down (there are only so many images we can fit onto a page!). The curating process is helped Post-It® Flags and Notes, which help me to narrow down the selection and also identify designer names so there are no double-ups.


I also use Post-It® Filing Tabs to label clear files that contain material for the different sections of the magazine that I work across every month, including Style. At the end of the process, the Post-It® Filing Tabs are removed and the folders are recycled and I start the process all over again for the next issue.


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