The Homeware Trend You Need To Try This Summer

Stylish, rustic and perfect for the summer season, wicker is a must-try homeware trend this year. Whether you’re decorating a light-filled bach or a contemporary urban apartment, wicker adds a touch of charm and glamour to any space.

Furniture experts Maytime have a gorgeous collection of wicker items, from stools and tableware to chairs and lampshades. View our favourites in the gallery below.


Seamless Sound For Your Summer

Bang & Olufsen introduces a wireless speaker system that combines superb sound with customisable design and soothing indoor acoustics.

BeSound Shape is a new wall-mounted wireless speaker for design-conscious music lovers. The speaker can be placed on the wall in any shape imaginable, and with a stylish hexagonal shape and changeable colours, it’s perfect for any room, anywhere.

Offering the best in sound quality and ambience, BeSound Shape delivers immersive sound staging and integrated noise dampeners that improve room acoustics. “Audiotory indoor climate is essential for our physical and mental well-being, just like natural lighting, fresh air and ergonomics,” says Marie Kristine Schmidt, Vice President Brand, Design and Marketing. “BeoSound Shape forms an excellent answer to the challenges of interior acoustics through its intelligent sound distribution and resonance absorbing effects.”