The hairstyle everyone will be asking for this summer

Hair trends come and go but one style that seems to endure – albeit in slightly different forms – throughout the years is a bob. 

Right now, a very specific version is cropping up almost everywhere, led by a handful of celebrities that we see on the daily thanks to the constant presence of both paparazzi, and social media, in their lives. 

We’re talking about the chin-grazing blunt bob, and the women making it the one of the most desirable looks for hair this summer.  

In particular it’s Kourtney Kardashian’s highly visible recent appearances with new fiancé Travis Barker, rocking a newly cut single-length bob, that have been increasingly influential. Others following suit? Katy Perry, Elizabeth Olsen, Selena Gomez, Billie Eilish, Kristen Stewart and Chrissy Teigen have all recently worn blunt bobs of their own.

The soft, simple and relaxed haircut is being referenced everywhere from fashion week runways, where it was visible at Chanel, Givenchy, Altuzarra shows and more, to magazine pages, to TikTok and Instagram. 

 The beauty is in the fact that if you have fairly straight hair, it’s a look that needs minimal styling if you want a simple morning routine, because it tends to looks best with a slight ‘I woke up like this’ bend, although wearing it ironed slick and straight are popular options too. It’s also versatile enough to be worn with everything from a black-tie gown or leggings and a crop, as Kardashian does. 

If you have wavy, curly or textured hair, this style will also suit, it’s a matter of working with your stylist to get the best from the one-length look. 


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Auckland stylist Danny Pato, owner of D&M hair salon and winner of NZ Hairdresser of the Year 2021, is a fan, picking the blunt style as well as a slightly softer, wavy version as two looks that will be key this summer. 

“The sleek, sharp one-length bob is always on trend, but more so now for this summer. This polished power-look demands attention!”

He calls the tousled version a wob, or wavy bob.

“A softer, tousled bob looks incredible on wavy textured hair,” Pato says, suggesting it be worn with a deep side part.

According to Kardashian’s hairstylist Peter Savic, who began working with the star a decade ago, Kardashian had been pondering a big chop for a while. 

And in the true trendsetter mode, it wasn’t anyone else she wished to copy. Like fashion houses reference their archives, according to Savic, Kardashian’s inspiration came from an old photo of herself as a teenager. Although to be fair, the 90s influence in fashion is everywhere, so the timing was right. 

“Kourtney showed me pictures. She was young when she had hair shorter than this, but I don’t think she had that short hair for a long time,” he says.

If you’re just about to wave the below pics in front of your stylist, a couple of words of warning. Coming into summer, it’s worth thinking about how much you tie your hair back and work with that, as a very short bob is tricky to keep up and out of your face in the heat, although that’s where chic slides and clips can come into play. 

To keep it looking fresh, it’s also a good idea to have a trim every six to eight weeks.

Images (top): @kourtneykardash

Here’s your blunt bob inspo for summer:


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How to buy perfume as a gift (and which releases are hot right now)

Buying perfume for someone else need not be a risky move, with a few considerations.

At this time of year our thoughts are often dominated by what to give who, for Christmas. 

Buying your friends or loved ones a new fragrance is undoubtedly a beautiful and special option, but many are put off by the potential to choose something the recipient might not like, or wear. 

We’re here to encourage you to put that thought behind you because there is a very special reason why perfume is the perfect choice.

Our olfactory system (our sense of smell) is directly connected to the limbic system, a part of the brain responsible for interpreting memories and emotions.

Our reaction to scent is related to the emotions we connect with an aroma, formed when we initially come across it, or with frequent exposure to it.  It triggers a memory which in turn reminds us of how we felt and as a result has an influence on our mood and behaviour.

In essence? Buy someone special a fragrance and when they wear it, they’ll always be reminded of you. 

The best new releases: Shimmering white floral Elie Saab Le Parfum Lumiere;  Sweet and spicy Eau de Parfum L’Interdit Rouge; Sparkling Tiffany & Co Rose Gold EDP; Heady Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia; Creamy warm almond floral Marc Jacobs Perfect Intense; modern and musky Byredo Young Rose

So how to get it right? There are a few approaches.

Try one of these:

  • Consider a perfume they like and its type  – floral, green, opulent or sensual etc –  to find the type they gravitate towards. A little online searching will turn up fragrance groupings with similar selections.
  • Consider their personality – are they loud and outgoing or shy and quiet? The former may be more willing to wear a fragrance that makes a statement and is bold, the latter may prefer something subtle and nuanced. 
  • Seek out a perfume with elements of a shared experience or personal link – say, Zesty citrus that reminds of that longed-for Italian seaside getaway (aka Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino EDP), or vanilla or coffee (YSL Black Opium Extreme EDP) because you know they love sweet treats. 
  • Look for a new version of the person’s signature or much-loved scent. In perfumery, a ‘flanker’ is industry-speak for a new fragrance that shares some attributes of an already existing hit or brand, be it simply the name, the slightly tweaked appearance of its vessel or its scent composition. In movie terms, flankers are akin to sequels or spin-offs.  Some are more concentrated or intense formulations of previous releases, like the brand new Valentino Voce Viva Intensa EDP, Giorgio Armani My Way Intense EDP and Marc Jacobs Perfect EDP. 
  • A discovery set of trial size perfumes from a single brand offers the opportunity for the recipient to try and wear a number of options. Try the ones from Abel, Frédéric Malle, Maison Margiela and Floral Street. 
  • Ask an expert. Experienced staff in dedicated beauty and department stores are well versed in the most popular perfume groupings and which new arrivals fit into which grouping, so they are likely to be able to advise on something similar to a fragrance your recipient already likes. 
  • Consider a bestseller. Counter staff will be able to pinpoint both classic, well-liked scents – Narciso Rodriguez For Her is a sure bet – and new arrivals that are sought-after right now, like Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia and Rochas Girl. 
  • A surprising scent idea can be an option if you’re unsure they will wear your selection. There are some inventive options now, like the perfume paintbrush from Jo Loves, a Diptyque car diffuser or a Jo Malone hair mist or room spray.