The Game-Changing Smartphone with the Small Price Tag: Meet the Huawei Nova 5T

The Game-Changing Smartphone with the Small Price Tag: Meet the Huawei Nova 5T
MiNDFOOD STYLE editor, Nicole Saunders, puts Huawei's new Nova 5T to the test and finds out what all the fuss is about. 

Switching to a new smartphone brand after being loyal to another brand for many years has the potential to cause a headache. Is it going to take me forever to get to grips with the user interface? Will all my favourite apps still work? Will I even know how to turn it on? Despite all the potential problems that could arise, switching to the Huawei Nova 5T was an absolute breeze.

Not One But 5 Cameras

As a magazine editor, I need my smartphone of choice to have the capacity to create content on the go. The Nova 5T is powered by the Android system and full Google services so it’s ready to go as soon as I switch it on.

Since it’s a device that’s been touted as a must-have for content creators, I’m keen to put the Nova 5T’s cameras – yes, there’s five of them – through their paces. While I’ll admit I’m not a huge taker of selfies, it’s abundantly clear, even to the selfie novice, that the Nova 5T blows its competition out of the water. The device’s front-facing camera boasts an impressive 32-megapixels which means crisp, clear selfies no matter what your shooting conditions are.

Nova 5T
The Nova 5T makes capturing the perfect shot a breeze.

The rear cameras are equally as impressive with four AI-powered cameras ready and waiting to be put to good use. Thanks to social media, there’s a budding photographer in all of us these days and the Nova 5T ensures that your snaps are Instagram-ready in a jiffy.

Having the ability to quickly snap photographs that look like they are print-quality is important to me and the Nova 5T is quick to impress. When it comes to taking photos on smartphones I often find that the lighting has to be just perfect to capture a social-media worthy snap. But the Nova 5T is equipped with clever AI-enhanced photography technology that makes taking the perfect picture easy, regardless of the conditions you’re shooting in.

Nova 5T
Your Instagram shots will be the envy of all your friends thanks to the Nova 5T’s five cameras.

With a 48MP high-definition lens, 16MP wide-angle lens, 2MP macro lens and 2MP bokeh lens, there’s not a lot the 5T’s cameras can’t do. Whether it’s an expansive landscape you want to capture or the minute detail of a flower you want to photography, the Novat 5T can do it all.

Small But Speedy

While the Nova 5T doesn’t come with the eye-watering price tags we’ve become accustomed to where smartphones are concerned’s, the phone doesn’t sacrifice performance. I’m impressed to discover that the 5T is powered by the same Kirin 980 chip processor as some of its bigger brothers including the Mate 20 Pro.  

The 6.26-inch Punch FullView display is beautiful and it’s packed with an impressive 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM. While this might slow down other devices, the Nova 5T’s 8GB accelerates operations and powers multiple apps, while up to 128GB of storage gives you space for all the songs, movies and apps you love.

The device’s biometric recognition is also well worth a mention as it’s an area I don’t feel other devices have quite cracked yet. Admittedly it was because of my own past experiences with other devices that I initially decided to forgo the Nova 5T’s biometric offerings and opt for a simple passcode.

Nova 5T

It wasn’t until someone else reviewing the phone sung praises for the device’s fingerprint recognition technology that I gave it ago for myself. Lightening fast is probably a bit of an understatement. The fingerprint recognition is so immediate, I have to ask someone else to try it out for me to confirm the phone was locked. The facial recognition is faster than what I’ve experienced on other devices too. Having the ability to capture content on the spot is important to me and with the Nova 5T, I no longer need to scramble to unlock my phone to capture the perfect shot.

But with all that snapping away, you would expect the Nova 5T to run out of battery quickly. But as I discover, the device is powered with the cutting-edge 22.5W Huawei SuperCharge technology, which means it has an impressive battery life even when it’s under heavy usage.

Recharging the Nova 5T didn’t slow me down either. The clever SuperCharge system means that in just 30 minutes that Nova 5T will be charged to 50 per cent.

Hey Good Looking

As well as capturing phenomenal photographs and being exceptionally speedy to use, the Nova 5T is rather good looking too. 

Within the New Zealand market, the handset is available in two striking colour schemes – a slick black and the limited-edition midsummer purple, which I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on.

Our smartphones are more than just a device, for many of us they’ve become an accessory too. And Huawei has embraced this concept employing the fashion-forward purple shade which I find does turn heads. The device also features the Nova star symbol engraved on an elegant purple glass case, which refracts light to produce shimmering waves of contrasting colour and shadow.

The Huawei Nova 5T is available now for $699. Click here for more information.


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