The Future of Fragrance is Here

Here’s what you need to know…

Embracing individuality was arguably one of the biggest shifts we saw in the beauty industry in 2018 and fragrance was no exception. Nick Smart, director of Agence de Parfum and the man responsible for bringing some of the most sought-after fragrance brands Down Under, says the biggest shift he’s noticed in fragrance in the past decade is the growing trend towards niche scents. “People want to express individuality,” Smart says. “They don’t want to smell like everyone else.” Thanks to the Internet and the rise of social media, Smart says fragrance connoisseurs are more educated than ever before. “People are more informed about production methodology and the perfume industry.”  

Mass retailers such as Chemist Warehouse, which landed in New Zealand recently, might be bringing cutthroat prices to the market, but Smart says cheap prices mean more of us are starting to think about where fragrances are coming from. “Consumers are starting to question how fragrance is made and the price disparity between department stores and mass retailers,” Smart explains. He says rather than snapping up a bargain a growing number of us are looking for quality and are prepared to pay for it. “Consumers are more aware than ever of quality and are happy to pay for it.” Smart says there are five key things he personally looks when bringing a new fragrance house into his portfolio – which currently includes the likes of Cire Trudon, Creed and Amouage. “Individuality, artisanal expertise, history, credibility, and excellence of raw materials.”

Not only are we investing in more unique, one-of-a-kind fragrances, we’re looking for more than just the one scent to wear day in, day out. For many, the concept of owning one go-to signature scent has been replaced by the idea of a fragrance wardrobe. “As consumers are more aware of how to wear fragrance and when, many now purchase a fresh, everyday fragrance and deeper, more sophisticated fragrances for the evening,” Smart says. While he believes there’s really no such thing as owning too many fragrances, he says a wardrobe of at least four fragrances is ideal. “Having two fresh fragrances for the day and two sophisticated fragrances for the evening always does the trick.”

Smart says the first place to start when searching for a new fragrance is to determine what type of scent you’re looking for. “Always go to a fragrance counter prepared to answer the following
questions: What type of Fragrance do you enjoy wearing? What fragrances have you worn,
and which have been your favourite? “Keep occasion in mind: is it for every day, a special event or evening?” he says. At the end of the day, Smart says there’s one important thing to remember. “Approach the fragrance counter with an open mind and try something you may have not tried before.”

The Colours We’ll all be Wearing This Autumn

There has undoubtedly been no shortage of bold and beautiful colour both on and off the runway recently. From hues of purple on the runway – find out how to where the shade right here – to vibrant colour combinations spotted on the streets of New York – discover our favourite looks here – there really is something for all lovers of wearing colour to enjoy this coming season. 

But if you perhaps like to take a more understated approach to the colour palette you embrace each season, you’re in luck as the streets of Paris were awash with neutral shades in all different tones. Whether it’s soft sandstone hues, rich caramels of earthy browns, the season’s new neutrals are anything but boring.

Get inspired by taking a look at the fashionistas of Paris Fashion Week in the gallery below.