The Four Phases of Personal Vitality

By Nikki Fogden-Moore

The Four Phases of Personal Vitality
We truly are in charge of living a life with vitality, purpose and passion. Yet why do so many of us struggle to find that magic blend of enjoying the journey and being in the driver’s seat when it comes to creating lasting sustainable success?

What are the roadblocks to being healthy, happy and in the flow for more than just a couple of months or weeks at time? Where’s the mojo when you need it the most?

The answer is to approach life as an evolution rather than a resolution. That there will be ebbs and flows, highlights and lowlights and to give yourself permission to pass through these tight spots with grace and tenacity. I like to call that the 4 phases of personal vitality.

If the definition of your ‘best self’ is becoming more and more elusive and unattainable, perhaps it’s time to take a nano break, to check in with where you are at in truly creating and living a life you love and want.

No matter where you are in life right now there is always the opportunity to re-group, assess what truly matters and ignite a new game plan for being fabulous, fit and feel healthy, wealthy and wise. Every now and then it’s helpful to take stock of what you may be feeling and where you are at in terms of your personal vitality. Health, wealth and wisdom (mindfulness). Here are 4 phases of personal vitality. The pillars to understand where you may be now, to defining the roadmap for where you want to be, and how to enjoy the journey along the way.

Phase One: Awareness Honesty and Recognition

The ‘is this it’ moment. You’ve hit a wall, something or someone made you realise that life wasn’t as on track as you thought. You feel in survival mode, overwhelmed and off track. Far away from your centred and vital self.

Whether it’s work, well-being or home – something doesn’t feel right and you suddenly become acutely aware that things may need to change.

Being honest about that feels liberation and recognising that something is incongruent is a wonderful gift. From life’s challenges – mental or physical, we can have our greatest growth. Exciting times flow from this phase of awareness.

Phase Two: Release, Healing and Reconnection

From recognition to acceptance – understanding you’re human and releasing any expectations for how you used to be, do, act or what you thought was important.

This is the moment when you become accountable. Being OK with where you are at, reconnecting with what is important and letting go of expectations and mindsets that no longer serve a purpose. Be mindful and honest during this self assessment.

Make a stock take of what you truly value the most, refine what healthy looks like, what your weeks should be made up of. This phase is all about defining what really matters. In today’s fast paced world I actually like to do this every 90 days.

Phase Three: Energy, Harmony and Revitalise

The path to Vitality lights up when we have a set of goals that truly blend our current values and our vision. Knowing WHY is vital for success and harmony.

  • It creates a clear direction
  • Eliminates the need for you to defend your position to others
  • Helps motivate you for sustainable success.

This could be reconnecting with your reason to workout again, to learn a new skill or spend more time with family.

Knowing what you value the most is reinvigorating, it creates harmony based decisions and a sense of energy in all we do.

Phase Four: Purpose, Balance, Vitality

There is no stronger GPS than your inner purpose. Knowing what you want, stand for, being confident with change enables you to live and lead in business and in life. It represents true personal vitality.

Remember we grow through life, so think of this as a recurring cycle not a fixed annual occurrence. Whenever you come up against feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and ‘unstuck’ take time to revisit where you are at.

Fact. You will never have more time than you do right now.

So be brave, take the time to understand where you sit on your personal vitality roadmap. To be grateful for what got you to this point, for the body you have to nurture and the mindset you are able to engage to learn how to design a life you love.



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