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The Facials


The Facials
Facials are not only relaxing, they’re an essential part of maintaining skin health: skin experts will give you a full consultation and advice on your skin type and products to use. Enjoy any of the facials the MiNDFOOD team trialled on these pages for only $99.

For a full list of salons pick up the latest issue of MiNDFOOD or click here.

Elizabeth Arden PRO Prescription Facial
Trialled by: Lindzee Whiting
Salon Name: Adore My Body My Beauty My Skin; 1 Adelong St, Sutherland, Sydney, NSW; (02) 9545 1020;
Treatment Duration: 60 minutes

The Aim: I was concerned about dry and uneven skin as well as redness. I wanted to cleanse my skin, but also hydrate it. The Experience: My luxurious facial began with a footbath, massage and gentle exfoliation, during which I spoke with Amanda, owner of Adore, about my skin concerns and potential solutions. The cleansing and exfoliating process left me with no make-up on, feeling clean and ready for what was to come. The Replenishing Masque along with the massage to my face, scalp, shoulders, décolletage and arms was soothing and relaxing, and a warm towel was used at the end of the process. Spraying a mist of Hydrating Antioxidant Spray and applying a hot towel across my back (with another massage), finished the treatment. Amanda talked me through recommended products and what I should be doing to look after my skin.

The Verdict: My skin felt fresh and cleansed, and I definitely noticed a change when looking in the mirror. The parts of my skin I thought were “bumpy” were actually build-up of skin cells, which were definitely smoother. The products didn’t leave me with a heavy build up on my face and I felt refreshed and ready to go.

DECLÉOR Aroma Brightening Facial
Trialled by: Lillian McHugh
Salon Name: Annasha Day Spa Retreat,
Gooseberry Hill, Perth, WA; (08) 9293 3015;
Treatment Duration: 60 minutes

The Aim: I was concerned about my skin looking dull and not luminous. I had a wedding to go to and wanted to give my skin a boost of radiance. The Experience: My facial began with a deep breathing ritual before a back massage. By the time I was rolled over for the facial treatment I was beyond relaxed. The facial began with a double cleanse using the most beautiful aromatherapy products that instantly made me float away. A velvety exfoliator was used and a heavenly aroma-pressure massage was done before a brightening mask was applied. During the mask my arms and hands were massaged. At the end of the treatment my therapist applied a moisturising and eye cream. The treatment was heavenly.

The Verdict: My skin was luminous, plump and had such clarity. I definitely felt that I’d been given a huge dose of radiance from the facial, leaving my skin looking and feeling younger. The smell of the products

PRIORI AHA Peel & Omnilux
Trialled by:
Natasha Dragun
Salon Name: Maya And John Beauty + Hair, 158 Queen St, Woollahra, NSW; (02) 9327 4788;
Treatment Duration: 45 minutes

The Aim: My skin is very dehydrated and can look dull and tired. I wanted to brighten dull skin and really boost moisture. The Experience: While short and sweet, this treatment was extremely intense. It began with a double cleanse to remove make-up and dirt, followed by a peel to gently exfoliate. The peel preps the skin with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). The second part of the treatment involved OMNILUX Light Therapy, where narrow band light emitting diodes, or LEDs, are used for hydrating and plumping to target deeper layers of the skin. Maya, my therapist and the salon owner, prepared me for the brightness of the light, which stimulates the skin’s natural healing responses, boosting hydration and collagen production. The light is left on for 20 minutes, and is quite relaxing, generating warmth throughout my entire body, probably due to the serotonin that it stimulates.

The Verdict: I saw immediate results: my skin was glowing and looked radiant. Despite being intense and targeting deep layers, there is no downtime or redness either. My skin felt regenerated at the end of my session.

Therapeutics 15% Lactic Peel & facial
Trialled by: Michelle McHugh
Salon Name: Jodie Anderson Beauty, 403 Hay St, Subiaco, WA; 0439 690 111;
Treatment Duration: 60 minutes

The Aim: My skin concerns include hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and a perfume rash – the alcohol of perfumes past reacted with the sun and have left a red mark on my neck. The Experience: Knowing the facial is always tailored to the individual needs of the client’s skin, I could relax and enjoy the cleansing routine when I first arrived to remove make-up and dirt. My therapist Caroline then applied a Flower Enzyme Mask to remove dead skin cells using the mild organic acids from the flowers. Caroline explained the enzymes also gently stimulate and tone the skin allowing for a better penetration and reaction to the Lactic 20 Peel. A pre-peel preparation gently strips oil from my skin, softening the surface cells so the chemical exfoliation can absorb and react more readily. Slightly tingly, the Lactic 20 Peel is extremely hydrating – I can feel the antioxidants soothing immediately. Caroline then added a neutraliser to stop the chemical exfoliant and reduce tingling. A cooling gel mask also helps calm the skin, thanks to vitamins A, C and E. The treatment continues with a serum and then B5 Hydration, which is used to intensely hydrate the skin and add suppleness and plumpness. The final touches were a hydrating moisturiser, dab of eye cream to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and a refreshing mist –a last touch to help keep my skin hydrated.

The Verdict: I loved the texture and consistency of all the products, and days after I walked out the door, my skin still felt great.

HydroPeptide Power Peel (Anti-Wrinkle) Facial
Trialled by:
Kate Hassett
Salon Name: No.13 The Beauty Avenue, 2/13 Springfield Ave, Potts Point, NSW; (02) 9361 5550;
Treatment Duration: 60 minutes

The Aim: I wanted to improve the suppleness of my skin while detoxifying and tightening pores. The Experience: When I first arrived I was greeted by Eve. She took one look at my tired, lacklustre skin and assured me that I would be leaving her salon looking and feeling rejuvenated with supple skin once again. The treatment began with a double cleanse, which Eve assured me would leave my skin feeling squeaky clean and refreshed. When my skin was prepped and ready to go, Eve applied a Pre-Treatment Toner before lashings of gorgeously scented Apple Scrub was used to buff away any stubborn impurities. After relishing in the sweet smelling scrub, an Activator Peel was used to refine and reduce inflammation. As the peels were washed away my skin already felt like it had a new lease on life. Next came the highlight of the treatment: as Eve applied the Soothing Serum and Balm, my skin was treated to a luxurious and lengthy lymphatic drainage massage that focused on the pressure points, making for an indulgent and deeply relaxing experience. As my worries melted away, a final Purifying Mask was carefully painted across my (now) supple skin. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Eve made sure that any glimpse of a frown was removed from my brow with a deep tissue massage that left me with a divine sense of peace. To complete my treatment, a soothing Power Serum, eye cream and sunscreen was applied before I was sent on my way.

The Verdict: As I floated out of the salon, I couldn’t help but keep touching my skin, revelling in the newfound feeling of hydration. This is a treatment I would gladly have again.


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