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The Erdem X NARS Collaboration is Here


The Erdem X NARS Collaboration is Here
The acclaimed designer and NARS have teamed up to create one of the prettiest collections we've seen in a long time.

NARS and acclaimed British designer, Erdem Moralioglu, have launched their highly anticipated make-up collab, Strange Flowers, and it’s quite possibly the prettiest collection we’ve seen for quite some time. We caught up with the designer to found out everything you need to know about the collection which is available from MECCA Cosmetica and Maxima now. 

What was your inspiration for the collection?

I was thinking about this idea of a strange flower and I wanted to create a range of makeup that had an ethereal and slightly surreal beauty to it. There’s an amazing photograph of Molly Ringwald taken by Sheila Metzner for Vanity Fair in 1984 where she’s surrounded by exotic flowers which were a starting point for the inspiration.

There is a floral theme to the collection, why was it important for you to include this style element in the collection?

I have always been interested in exploring the codes of femininity, and to me, flowers represent the wonderful strength of the feminine.

Do you think this collection portrays your signature aesthetic?

It was really interesting to explore my aesthetic in collaboration with NARS and see how far we could push different elements through colour and product. It was fascinating to develop new pigments and palettes as well as the cosmetics themselves.

Can you tell us about the colour palette for the collection, are these signature Erdem colours?

Again, it’s this idea of contrast which runs through all of my work. The aspect of the feminine juxtaposed with something slightly dark, which is an extension of my aesthetic. The colour palette combines delicate colours which may be more associated with the feminine such as lilacs and blush but contrasts them with more unexpected hues like the yellow or deep burgundies.

What was your creative process in developing this collection? Was it similar to creating a seasonal collection?

It was a similar process to when I design my catwalk collections. I developed the collection from this idea of a woman and a story of this strange flower, and the oddities that appear in nature and its palette.

Do you have a favourite product and colour?

I am so happy with all of the products we developed but I love the lip powder –it’s so saturated and feels very new.

Who or what is the ideal Erdem woman? 

The ERDEM woman is many different people – she is beautiful, intelligent, strong and marches to the beat of her own drum.

Do you have a go-to inspiration source, something that inspires you again and again?

For me, inspiration can come from anywhere, a painting, something from nature or a piece of music, but one thing that always drives my work forward is the narrative. I love designing something that is almost cinematic.

What is your definition of beauty?

I don’t think there is just one definition, but to me, beauty is someone who is comfortable in their own skin.

In your opinion, what is the link between beauty and fashion?

Fashion is a form of self-expression and beauty if an extension of this. Both allow us to dream and become different versions of ourselves.

How have the influential women in your life influenced your view of beauty?

One of my earliest fashion memories is my mother’s Yves Saint Laurent red lipstick. She wasn’t particularly into fashion and didn’t wear any other makeup, just this lipstick and Shalimar perfume.


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