‘The Dausage’ a jam-filled sausage is the latest food hybrid

By Efrosini Costa

‘The Dausage’ a jam-filled sausage is the latest food hybrid
The latest food hybrid the 'dausage' is a jam-filled doughnut inspired sausage.

Yes, you read that right. The latest food hybrid set to take the social media world by storm is a jam-filled sausage.

Liam Bennett , a 37-year-old man from Wales, is the man behind the idea for the “dausage” or “donut sausage.” It’s a sausage full of jam.

The pioneering food-developer says he was inspired by other weird and wonderful food hybrids.

“I was inspired to invent the dausage by the success of the cronut and the duffin,” Bennett said.

“Everyone thought I was crazy, it worked really well!”

Coming to a BBQ near you, Bennett is currently holding taste tests and said he’s received some interest from retailers in the UK.

The welshman plans on launching a Kickstarter next to raise money to build a machine that can mass produce them.


Current flavours being trialled include:

  • Pork with Strawberry Jam
  • Pork and Beef with Custard
  • Pork and Leek and Blackcurrant Jam
  • Chicken with Raspberry
  • Dausage Rolls
  • Venison with Strawberry Custard
  • Vegetarian with Primula

“I began with pork with strawberry and Cumberland with raspberry, and, contrary to many other people’s expectations, they worked really well together,” Bennett said.

The official website even hints to the brilliantly-named Dipolatas and Black Dudding flavours that are ‘coming soon’.

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