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The cult serum that’s been transformed into a eye treatment

The cult serum that’s been transformed into a eye treatment
There's a new skincare item for the eye area and it's taken all the best attributes of a certain famous facial serum and adapted it to tackle wrinkles, dark circles and more.

When it comes to skincare, serum holds the crown for MVP of your routine. Why? Because in comparison, it has the ability to do more when it comes to transforming your skin, as it holds the highest concentrations of active ingredients, formulated with smaller molecules that go deeper into the cellular level of skin, working quickly and effectively to deliver results you can see.

When it comes to a serum with cult status? Clarins Double Serum certainly fits the bill.

Its anti-ageing, double-phase moisture and lipid formula was groundbreaking when it was first developed back in 1985 and it has continually remained a bestseller (and beauty editor favourite!) since. Like other influential technology, lifestyle and communication items we now use day to day, it’s been regularly re-evaluated and updated (eight times so far) over the years to ensure exceptional performance, including its dual-chamber delivery system that means its formula only combines when it is applied. As skincare science and ingredient discoveries around natural plant extracts advance, Double Serum has evolved to continually offer better solutions for meeting the challenges our skin currently faces.

Now that expertise has been extended to specifically cater for the eye area, given it has some of its own unique demands and often shows the signs of ageing more prominently.


Like each of its new releases, Clarins Double Serum Eye makes the most of Clarins’ ongoing discoveries around the way skin functions and the plant extracts that can improve those functions.

As we age, the eye area can experience a slowdown in the skin’s five vital functions: regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration and protection. The consequences? Wrinkles and fine lines become more marked, dark circles and puffiness accentuated, slackening and even dull-looking skin.

With three years of research and nearly 200 plants studied, the experts at Clarins Laboratories in France selected organic Wild Chervil extract for use in the new eye serum, chosen for its significant ability to help the skin regain strength and vitality.

The extract has been combined with turmeric extract, a powerful antioxidant that Clarins had previously found boosts those five vital functions of happy, healthy skin and has been the star of Double Serum for the face since it was last reformulated to rely on new plant science in 2017.

And if that isn’t impressive enough, the eye serum also relies on 12 other beneficial and powerful plant extracts.


Clarins Double Serum Eye counters the things many of us notice about the eye area when we look in the mirror such as wrinkles, dullness, dark circles and puffiness. It also protects against those we cannot see, like environmental damage. Its silky, lightweight texture, which offers the cooling, tightening effect of a gel with the comfort of a cream, is thanks to the way those unique plant extracts are housed and dispensed. The anti-ageing extracts soluble in water are housed in one chamber, and those soluble in oil in another. At a press of the pump, they are delivered together, ensuring each beneficial ingredient is preserved for peak performance.

On blending together the serum feels fresh and absorbs quickly, the hydrolipidic system and nourishing formula perfectly attuned to the natural state of skin around the eye area so it quickly gets to work assisting in a smooth and rested-looking appearance.

To apply, simply warm the serum between fingertips and gently press into skin around the eye area including beneath the eye from inner corner out towards the temples, eyelids from the inner corner out towards the temples and between the eyebrows, on frown lines.

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